Thursday, October 18, 2007


ROOMY, adj.  Hades.

2007 Update: Big enough to move about but too small for one more, as a hotel room, walk-in closet or the United States.


Sar said...

Boy this comments box is awfully roomy - I must be first?!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good definition, Doug!

A roomy with a viewy.
No roomy at the inny.

Unknown said...

i've always wanted to take in a male roomy

owjlhskf: ow! #@*&%^%(

Anonymous said...

Roomy: Can you name the recent Nobel-prize-winning one of these who college-bunked with Tommy Lee Jones?

Neither can I.

Anonymous said...

ROOMY, adj. Why roomies wear hob-nailed boots and grenades. See LEBENSRAUM.

Anonymous said...

Real Odd Other in My waY.

When I was in college I received an angry phone call from sister A because I didn't attend the funeral of sister B's husband or in anyway acknowledge his death. Upon completing the call I turned to my roomy and said, "Did you take a call about a death in my family?" She responded, "Yeah, a couple days ago." I said, "Don't you think you should have mentioned it?" She said, "Why? It's not like you could do anything. He was already dead."

Tom & Icy said...

My yard: big enough for me and Dusty, too small for cats, too!

Nessa said...

Roomy: Personal space, as in, don't come within 3 feet all around me and we'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

I like Kharma's.

And ouch Quilly on that roomy. What a biatch.

The flu will make all clothing roomy. For a time being until food looks appetizing again.

Anonymous said...

roomy - And adjective used to describe a pair of shoes too big for their owner's task.

I Dive At Night said...

In terms of Amsterdam real estate, "roomy" means that both people in the room can sit. "Cozy" means both must stand or one can sit.

javajazz said...

and Rumi says:

Seek the wisdom
that will untie your knot
seek the path
that demands your whole being.
Leave that which is not,
but appears to be
seek that which is,
but is not apparent.


You are searching the world for treasure
but the real treasure is yourself.
If you are tempted by bread
you will find only bread.
What you seek for
you become.


What are you talking about!
Having to earn a living
doesn't stop you from
digging for the Treasure.
Don't abandon your everyday life.
That's where the Treasure is hidden.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, your footprint's by the door.

Jamie Dawn, are you describing the belly-button of the Messiah?

Karma, one should be easy to come by but not to clean up after.

Nope, Al, but you're getting warmer.

Amoeba, talking to yourself in anger helps, too.

Quilly, why is it the dumbest people you meet in your life are at college?

No doubt, Icy. Or a mouse.

Nessa, make that yards and we'll get along great.

Jenn, bless you. Feel better.

Poobah, as long as the ends are pointy, they'll work for me.

Morgan, this is why I was never cut out for city living.

JJ, you get huge bonus points for working a Persian mystic pun into this site.

javajazz said...

very cool,
and thank you...
i might just need those points
someday soon.

Anonymous said...

roomy: my apartment

My 3WW is chapter two in a novel

Minka said...

roomy is where a place utterly crowded allows you to breathe individually

Jim said...

Roomy: Always room for one more.

Roomy: Rhymes with Groomy, which rhymes [sort of] with Grimmy, my favorite cartoon dog.
A.k.a. as Grimm, of Mother Goose & Grimm.

Doug The Una said...

JJ, points never expire, nor does inflation reduce their value over time.

So, I've read, Pia. Are you ready for 1000 sq. feet in South Carolina? Will there be a "coffee maker room?"

Minka, I bet a tree feels that way about the forest.

Woe is we, Actonbell.

Jim, company is like jello? I always liked that cartoon, too.

javajazz said...

see? even your point system
has integrity.

i've collected the occasional
brownie points
over the years,
but i think
they may have expired.