Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Crowded Monastery

Once upon a time, two sacred abbas met in the desert of Egypt, where they had gone to avoid temptation. "The caves grow crowded," the young monk complained. "So many left the sinful village for purity, or to be hermits or seeking silence and stillness and come to these caves in the desert that our refuge has become a bustling, chaotic and lawless city of brothers. What are we to do?"

The older monk answered wisely, "hold elections."

CONSEQUENCE, n. An enemy of intention, neighbor to destiny and sister of a wish.


Minka said...

consequence, n. the shadow of action

Anonymous said...

quiet day at the polls, was it? ; )

The Old Mule said...

consequence: the sound of a tree falling in the woods.

...frost on the pumpkin here - I feel like laying up and reading Keats.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cute monastic tail... uh, I mean... tale.
Monks do not like women looking at their tails, nor do they gaze upon women's tails.
CONSEQUENTLY, each others' tails become more enticing and the crowded caves less of a problem.

So, you have an Ann Coulterish voter there??!!
YIKES!! She must be pretty, but extremely confrontational and argumentative. Don't ask her to marry you, Doug, or you will suffer the CONSEQUENCE:
You will never have a moment's peace. :-)

Doug The Una said...

Good metaphor, Minka. As you circle the world, looking forward, the consequences come from behind you to lay in your path.

Neva, you read me right that time.

Mule, sounds like a fine day for wine, women and snuff.

We do, Jamie Dawn. A few years ago, the precincts were drawn in a way that was truly silly and very inconvenient. A lot of people came to the wrong polling place where we apologized and offered either directions to the right one or accept a provisional ballot and almost everyone was nice about, either because they were nice people or because they realized the precinct board is made up of people who give a day to make the system work for them. Then in walks Ann Coulter's lookalike in scrubs and I just kind of knew what was going to happen and you can guess. After a 15-minute tirade, I told her, "I don't know what the conspiracy is, ma'am, only how to help the fugitives. May I offer a provisional ballot or directions to the polling place, the address for which is on the sample ballot in your hand?" She kinda yelled at me after that. The memory makes me smile to this day.

Anonymous said...

CONSEQUENCE n. sometimes known as cause and effect

SEE ALSO: I didn't do it, your Honor; and/or, Don't blame me, I didn't vote.

word verification: cfrmd: proof that my definition is accurate.

TLP said...

Consequence: A prison's numbering system.

Good little tale.

(We had a higher-than-expected voter turnout at our election.)

Anonymous said...

Schools and the federal government were closed yesterday but we had no elections. I guess they're preparing for 08

I might suffer a consequence for this but my blog is going to be all novel all the time. It's set in 2030-in an America run by--well that's next week

I'm very nervous about selling my apartment as the stock market tanks so I'm babbling in all my comments today

tsduff said...

Consequence: The row of cons as they line up for breakfast.

What a good egg you are to face the masses at the polls.

Tom & Icy said...

Consequence is like a darn cat! You don't see or hear it coming. It's just suddenly there.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Icy! Exactly.

I Dive At Night said...

Doh, I return to check the latest comments and find mine gone.

*shakes fist* darn you blogger and your crazy word verification!

Kyahgirl said...

The crowded monastery is a great story Doug. Glad to see you survived a day at the elections.

Consequence-if I can teach my children the truth of that word then I'll consider my job well done. :-)

mireille said...

I'm with Icy, too. Never see what's actually coming. *and, as an aside, how could Seattle vote against mass transit? Talk about consequences. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Again, Mireille? The good folks of King County must still by trying to pay the bills for the essentials. Safeco Field ...

CONSEQUENCE, n. The state of being chaotic, without order, as with one who demands to be served at the supermarket's meat counter before his number is called. CONSEQUENCES: the resulting brawl.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, SEE ALSO, my kindergarten teacher was goofy- I never had a chance.

Con-Sequence, TLP, clever. Congratulations on the turnout. It sounded like you guys actually had issues to discuss.

Pia, that's kind of funny. Sounds like the right people won this time.

Terry, it wasn't much of an omelet, but thank you.

Icy, that's a metaphor as true as dog's affection, without argument or explanation.

Ariel, we all learn from Icy, even chimps with canons.

Morgan, what's one more disappointment in the scheme of things.

Kyah, it will be, you'll have raised two cultural misfits.

Great idea, Actonbell, and you can try a career in feliniphony next.

Mireille, was that the Southwest Light Underground Transit that didn't pass? I never saw the objection.

Amoeba, the butcher department always seemed like the wrong place to cut in line. SEE: Free To Be You and Me, Lady's First.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I am so thankful I am not a Kindergarten teacher. I would hate to have that hanging over my head. Maybe I do like it in pre-K.

mireille said...

Oh Doug, Doug, Doug ... that was South Lake Union Transit, and I think it passed. How could it not with that acronym. A lot of people could get behind it. The larger bill, for Sound Transit and for road and bridge improvements, got strangled on its own clever triangulation and lost. xoxo