Monday, November 19, 2007


ADMONITION, n. Gentle reproof, as with a meat-axe. Friendly warning.
Consigned, by way of admonition,
His soul forever to perdition.
-                                                Judibras
2007 Update:  A fixative tic.  


Tom & Icy said...

A dogfood can un-opened.

TLP said...

Advertisement for a demolition company.

Jim said...

"Praise the Lord and Pass the Amunition."

An old WWII song, but I remember it well.

Unknown said...

being a dawg, am quite sure you have many of those tics

dwgtswj: dawg swinging with tics
(can't believe i got this verifier!!!)

Unknown said...

by the way, what's with Judi's lingerie?

Mutha said...

admonition:Don't play with matches, look before you leap, and other comments from the "don't inhale" crowd.

Anonymous said...

ADMONITION n. Ye olde lawn mower warning: "If you cut your feet off don't come running to me!"

Mo'a said...

Can't come up with a clever comment so I will just say Hello!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ADMONITION, n. Love's danger man, complete with license to kill. Character assassination in the wooly cloak of compassion.

Nessa said...

Admonition - TV commercial

Anonymous said...

Mom's favorite method of admonition was to pull open the drawer in the kitchen to pull out a wooden spoon. Silent but highly effective.

Anonymous said...

admonition: something I'm about to give somebody who seems to want my blogging identity

She can have the most verbose blogger part--I have already admitted to being a scrap book :)

Ariel the Thief said...

I just came across the word "domina" the other day.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those gentle reproofs by meat axe can really ruin a person's day.
I admonish you to avoid them at all cost.


I've admonished my kids so much over the years that they are now numb to my admonitions. I believe a meat axe may be in order.

Doug The Una said...

Icy, that's like waterboarding.

TLP, an explosion at the neighbor's always makes a good ad.

Jim, I think of that phrase in the context of Vietnam since I was a boy then.

Judi's lingerie, Karma? I'm baffled and bewildered.

Mutha, all advice necessary to become President, I think.

Funny, Quilly. I'm handy with prosthetics.

Mo'a, a hello from you is as good as wit.

Amoeba, I had no idea. I assume "High Wire" wasn't the Leon Russell song, right?

Nessa, Tivo?

Jenn, I can see the power of that. Especially if she used too much salt in the soup.

Pia, we'll know the difference. But congratulations on having the first psycho-wannabe I've heard of in the blogosophere.

Ariel, you have confused me, mistress.

JD, no family should be without one.

Anonymous said...

Admonition: lashed by tongue in lieu of a rope.

what? it beats my first stupid idea, which was a play on the words "audible" and "prod"... a little something i called "Praudding". i know, i know... oy, oy, and ouch. ; )

Unknown said...

dawg, quote is by 'Judibras'

wmxlb: William is extra large

mireille said...

hm. what could I possibly admonish you about? xoxo

Anonymous said...

WHEREFORE ever ramble on?

For the Good is lying near,
Fortune learn to seize alone,

For that Fortune's ever here.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy Holiday Doug.

TLP said...

May I offer a gentle reproof on your lateness? A friendly warning perhaps. Just sayin'. It's gettin' pretty late bub.

Anonymous said...

and THIS the the reason i wind up being last(ish) to comment on your blog these days.

like my sister/girlfriend, TLP, i'm just sayin'... time's a'wastin', Dawg. some of us have other things to do/places to go and/or people to admonish. ; )

Doug The Una said...

Neva, I like Praudding. After we get HITONIOUS in the dictionary, maybe that can be next.

Actonbell, is it just me or are you getting a little smug as unemployment looms?

Karma, I'm with you now. Thanks for catching me up.

Mireille, go on and count the ways.

Happy holiday to you, Cooper. Don't eat anything I wouldn't. By which I mean dog.

Sure, TLP. Why not?

Neva, I hope I started your day off well.

Minka said...

"He settled to his repast with the charming little "table manner" that, from the day of his arrival, had relieved me of all grossness of admonition."
(Turn Of The Screw by Henry James, chapter 22)

Doug The Una said...

Henry James is popular right now in penguinville, isn't he?

Minka said...

Well, as much as I hated him in school...he is growing on me now. Sometimes you just need to be ready for some things!

I bet there is a well-used copy of "Etiquette in social events" not to be found anywhere in your dining room :)