Friday, November 09, 2007


PERICARDIUM, n.  A sack of membrane covering a multitude of sins.

2007 Update:  A sheath installed by providence to defend the sincerity of the ribs.


Ariel the Thief said...

Is the heart going to be born when the pericardium cracks?

Funny definition, Doug!

Mutha said...

pericardium: The body's own goody bag.

Anonymous said...



actually, after laughing at YOUR definition, and then Ariel and Mutha's hilarious comments, i'm quite sure i have nothing to add. that said, this is one of the more strange terms Bierce felt the need to address. oy. that Ambrose... ; )

Unknown said...

so Douglas, what's stuffed inside your sheath?

oczwcv: oh, send your resume to New Zealand

Minka said...

pericardium,n. enclosure around the heart, ensuring it drowns in its own sorrow, and leaves the other organs out of it.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ariel: ha, ha, funny!!

Sack?? Sheath??
What in the world are we talking about here???!!!
I barely have the HEART to discuss this further.

TLP said...

A pair of car whazit? And exactly why are we talkin' 'bout these car things? Is it like a fender?

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, ariel. If a heart is a hen, probably. I think so.

Mutha, you're still kind of there in hallowe'enland, aren't you?

Puppy, you are right. You kind of have to wonder what he was thinking.

Coal, Karma. Yours?

Minka, great definition.

Jamie Dawn, the pericardium. Why? What were you thinking of?

More like an airbag, blogmama.

Anonymous said...

PERI malevolent Persian fairy
CARDI heart
UM an expression denoting forgetfulness, hesitation or doubt

PERICARDIUM n. a hesitant guard stationed to protect the human heart that, under high stress circumstances, sometimes forgets who's side it's on.

tsduff said...

Water and blood flow mingled down...

Anonymous said...

Karma? I did that. And they took me. Then they sent me back to the US. Raised the IQ of both places when that happened.

Speaking of IQ. It's words like this one that get your blog a "genius" readability rating, dear Douglas. I just hope that doesn't mean you or one of yours is dealing with heart trouble.

PERICARDIUM, n. Your very own personal World Series of Poker. And you're hoping for high ratings and a long run.

The Old Mule said...

peri...what? : The sheath of a soldier.

Anonymous said...

car--a vehicle
dium(sic)--per day

Have no idea what this means

Did laugh at your definition

Anonymous said...

for some strange reason i keep visualizing a Big Bag O' Beatin' Hearts.

but maybe that's just me... ; )

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, the heart always knows which side it's on. The inside.

Terry, another cocktail recipe?

Amoeba, thanks for asking. I think I and mine are immune to heart trouble. Yeah, I think I rate "genius" on Cosmo's test, too.

Mule, I thought that was another soldier.

Pia, I think you mean rent-a-smart-car. Good business model for NYC.

Doug The Una said...

Whoops, sorry Neva. We cross-posted. Pretty sure that's just you. And maybe Mel Brooks.

Sar said...

Perihuh? Only an old fart would post such a word on this weekend eve. May it be a happy one! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I just checked back in to see if any other interesting words came into the discussion.

May your weekend be wonderful and may your pericardium do its job well.

Indeterminacy said...

Carpe pericardium!

Jim said...

The pericardium is a thin double-layered sac which encloses the heart. Fluid is contained within the layers and lubricates the constantly rubbing surfaces.

Pericardium: I never knew that! Of course I never took anatomy and physiology either. A bunch of my kids did, they all make more money than I ever made.

A good pick of words, Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, enjoy your weekend too, young lady.

You too, JD. Have a many truffled weeekend. See you in church.

Caveat Cardium, Indy.

Thanks, Jim. The late Ambrose picked the words. I just post 'em.

Unknown said...

My pericardium happens to be a saggy, soggy membrane containing some sort of wrinkled up prune thingy.