Thursday, March 27, 2008


HARBOR, n. A place where ships taking shelter from storms are exposed to the fury of the customs.
2008 Update: A shelter from the stormy sea among landed sailors, hopeful pickpockets, unreliable merchants, confused tourists, carnival barkers and the laws of men.

(Actonbell's request)


tsduff said...

Harbor: Usually a place of beautiful sights, smells and sounds - gulls crying, ships bobbing and old fish heads underfoot.

That Bean looks a bit more blizzardy than the Bean we observed...

Adi said...
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Adi said...

Harbor: I harbor no ill feelings against these scoundrels you have mentioned. Perhaps dump a few of them into the harbor with cement wrappings around their legs.
BTW, I'm on Jim's Little Blog today in YouTube!

Anonymous said...

Brrr...looks cold! I harbor sadness at missing the weekend but none at missing the weather!

Jamie Dawn said...

Harbor: a place to recover from seasickness

Those pics look like it was VERY HITONIOUSLY cold!!
That bean thing looks ultra keen, groovy, and mega cool!!

Anonymous said...

HARBOR, n. A place of joy, peace and relaxation. Commonly misspelled, except in Maine, where everybody knows there are two ahs in HAHBAH.

Ariel the Thief said...
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Ariel the Thief said...

Harbor, what you can hardly wait to leave, and where you can hardly wait to arrive.

I love that bean photo.

Ariel the Thief said...

Jamie, I enjoy your avatars so much. Keep rolling them, girl!

Anonymous said...

HARBOR acronym
Hazard Analysis Report [from the] Bureau of Reclamation

Anonymous said...

grr, I wasn't finished!

See also: Why Hawaii's inter-island ferry hasn't left port.

Anonymous said...

Harbor (N) place in heart or soul,or both,that one keeps dreams in times of stress/and,or/joy....Another beautiful day in my world,hope yours is fine, as well....Peace

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool looking bean.

Harbor: a place where sweets are made. As in Harbor Sweets, maker of sloops, clams and other seashaped chocolate creations.

Hobbes said...

Any port in a storm.

Lila said...

Harbor: What I do with resentment sometimes.

Doug The Una said...

Sure, Terry, but usually also a place of funnel cakes. The bean looks more blizzardy than we observed it because your memory makes things warm, bless your heart.

Why, Adi, it's an honor to have a star of the smallest screen on my site. I'll check it out.

Sure, Jenn, like the palm trees are in bloom up Calgary way.

Jamie Dawn, that's the grooviest bean since Jack.

Amoeba, you're a first-class yank.

Ariel, that's the definition of the day.

Quilly, you'll make it I know you will.

Mine was grand, brother bear, peace.

Actonbell, fortunately, I don't think I know that song to be wormed.

Sauerkraut, I had no idea. Meow.

Hobbes, home is where you dock your boat, daddy said.

Aral, but you're a woman of the cloth almost!

Minka said...

harbour, where a sailor finally gets to move

unloading all those crates, of course!

Cooper said...

Here is it where the drunks vomit into the sea, but sometimes it's pretty.

That second photograph looks like a large ugly diaphragm.

Doug The Una said...

Of course, Minka. It's all about the packages.

Cooper, your imagination really is running away with you, isn't it?