Thursday, April 24, 2008


FOREORDINATION, n. This looks like an easy word to define, but when I consider that pious and learned theologians have spent long lives in explaining it, and written libraries to explain their explanations; when I remember the nations have been divided and bloody battles caused by the difference between foreordination and predestination, and that millions of treasure have been expended in the effort to prove and disprove its compatibility with freedom of the will and the efficacy of prayer, praise, and a religious life, — recalling these awful facts in the history of the word, I stand appalled before the mighty problem of its signification, abase my spiritual eyes, fearing to contemplate its portentous magnitude, reverently uncover and humbly refer it to His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons and His Grace Bishop Potter.

2008 Update:  Prior disposition, such as the denunciation of an action not yet taken, applause for the wisdom of a plan not yet considered or painting the walls of a house you will never have bought.

Many happy Hawai'ian hulas to Quilly on her birthday.


TLP said...

Foreordain: Knowing that your golf ball is going to hit the group ahead of you.

Happy Birthday Quilly!

Jim said...

Foreordain: Knowing that your golf ball always goes to the right on a particular hole, the one with the little hill and lots of trees to the right.

Foreordain: Prior disposition, such as the denunciation of an action not yet taken, applause for the wisdom of a plan being or not being considered or thinking of painting the walls of a house you may or may not buy and may or may not be considering buying.

Foreordain: An item I don't concern myself except to having evaluated as to how the validity of this theory may or may not affect my well-being eternally.

Anonymous said...

FORE adj first in time; toward the front

OR conj word signifying choice

DAIN v. allow

FOREORDAIN n. to allow fate the first choice

And thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

FOREORDINATION, n: The creation of two pairs of preachers, who will be accused of credulity, verbosity, incomes far in excess of their stations (i.e., any at all), and sex crimes.

I got the date right this year, Quilly!

G said...

Wow, Quilly's is an excellent one! Happy Birthday Quilly in Paradise.

foreordain: see "I meant to do that."

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy B-day to Quilly!!!!!
Have a chocolate truffle or two while you enjoy life in the paradise of your surroundings.

I thought foreordain and predestine were the same thing. Bierce has me confused.
I am predestined to do whatever I'm going to do.
That sure takes the pressure off.
Does that mean I am not responsible for any of my actions? What luck!! No. There's no such thing as luck within the predestined world.
Ugh! My brain has overloaded and will not be up and running again for some time.

Anonymous said...

foreordain - A combination preacher and chef - it comes in handy on church spaghetti dinner nights. Also so Anthony Foreordain.

Cooper said...

Ah Quilly Wins.

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the3 birthday wishes! I had a lovely day in the blogosphere and out.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, that is why, I suppose, golf bags are designed to carry a half-dozen rifles and a box of ammo.

Jim, theological disagreements tend to affect earthly longevity if not the heavenly reward.

Quilly, I always hold out for the second offer. I hope it was a grand day.

Amoeba, your station has advanced sigificantly.

Haha, g. foreordination=pre-revision?

Jamie Dawn, I think this is a theological way of saying we're predictable. I expect we can get away with fewer theologians.

Actonbell, congratulations, Madame Chair!

Gracious, Cooper!

Good to hear, Quilly. You deserved good weather, too.