Monday, April 21, 2008


FORESIGHT, n. That particular and valuable faculty that enables a politician always to know that his party is going to succeed-as distinguished from Retrospect, which sometimes shows him that it got calamitously beaten.

2008 Update:  Most commonly, the ability to predict which historical analogy will best compel a second chance following a spectacular future failure.  Far more rarely, the revelation of the proper projection to describe a dismal success.


Tom & Icy said...

Foresight is 20/200, legally blind.

mireille said...

The ability to clearly and accurately aim your golf ball as you yell FORE! *I can't help it. I'm sick* xoxo

Anonymous said...

foresight and seven years ago,
we knew Iraq was going to be trouble,
we glared and stared,
and suspected bin laden would be spared. ...

I am so bad at being linconesque, even worse at the poetry thing.

Perhaps I should have had the foresight to get that poetic license.


Anonymous said...

FORESIGHT, n. An attribute of men that can be removed through the practice of circumspection.

It's been opined that, if the financial markets were taken out of the hands of young men, there would be less foresight, but also less calamity.

TLP said...

Oh Amoeba! TOO too funny! That might be foreslight.

Foresight: looking at the world through glasses. Correctly spelled "four eyes."

Jamie Dawn said...

Foresight: having a dependable crystal ball

Anonymous said...

foresight - The ability to see twice as far as "twosight".

Anonymous said...

Foresight: Now at your local vitamin store. Recommended daily dose is 300 mg or simply watch Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Foresight. Sounds like it goes hand in hand with planning. Yeah, I'm not with either of these.

Doug The Una said...

Icy, you just reminded me of an old joke about teaching your dog to walk backwards.

Actonbell, we have nothing to fear but predictions.

Good enough for a bad day, Mireille.

Saurkraut, what rhymes with meow?

Amoeba, that was hilarious. You win the propellor.

TLP, a sight for four eyes.

JD, that's a great definition, too.

Poobah, that's really far! Right?

Brian, good to see you, pal. Good definition, too.

Jenn, not to worry. The alternative is shopping.

tsduff said...

I am so proud that I have had the foresight to google bbq places AND directions before setting off to unknown eating zones.

Anonymous said...

... what rhymes with meow?


That's what cats say in Italy. It means "feed me or I will scratch out your eyeballs and leave you without foresight."

Indeterminacy said...

Foresight: that flash of metal as you step on a trap.

Doug The Una said...

Not necessary, Terry but thanks. See you later.

Sauerkraut, those are some tough critters in Italy.

Indie, exactly.

Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "dismal success," Doug. Success definitely seems to diminish in glory, as well as frequency, over time.

Cooper said...

Not what it used to be.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

My foresight is blind. My hindsight is 20/15.