Friday, August 29, 2008


LIBERTY, n. One of Imagination's most precious possessions. 
The rising People, hot and out of breath,
Roared around the palace: "Liberty or death!"
"If death will do," the King said, "let me reign;
You'll have, I'm sure, no reason to complain."
—Martha Braymance
2008 Update: That independence collectively admired by nations and individually deplored by neighbors. The stone in freedom's soup or a leader's shoe.

And, Happy birthday to John McCain!


Anonymous said...

LIBERTY, n. The libertarian Nirvana of individual supremacy, made possible in America by cheap food, cheap fuel, and low population density - which last means in part, that our public school graduates can read, write, do arithmetic, and recognize propaganda when they see it ...

Did I just hear jackboots?

Anonymous said...

The distinction between liberty and freedom confuses many worthy persons, but the matter is simple. The former implies a conscious intention to deceive, while the latter reflects merely the low cost and ease of acquisition of stupidity, thus the ability to be lied to.

Anonymous said...

I just gave mine up and took a job even though Amoeba told me I didn't have to. Here I was thinking I wanted a bit of independence and money -- but what I've really done is sell my independence!

Jim said...

Liberty: My first thoughts are Liberty, Texas. I've ridden through that little town many a time on my motorcycle, headed east out of town!,_Texas

TLP said...

Liberty: something someone takes. It's not a given.

Jim said...

Liberty: A sailor's delight, also called 'shore leave.'

Liberty: A blogger's reprieve, I will be on 'shore leave' for a bit with my Jim's Little Blog.
We are 'on the road' now and it may be on sabatical for a bit longer.
I will let people know when things pick back up.
But if you really want, come see if there is an update below the 'Adi Can' post.
Or ask me on a comment, it also goes to my e-mail in-box.

TLP said...

And Happy Birthday to 3D.

Anonymous said...

liberty: a type of ship built to help us preserve freedom.

tsduff said...

Liberty- She's a statuesque copper clad beauty residing on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor; a universal symbol of freedom and democracy whom I have yet to see up close and personal.

Jamie Dawn said...

Liberty: lack of bondage with limited restriction

Examples would be the burning of bras and being allowed to hold a cell phone and talk whilst driving.
Oh, I forgot that in CA you don't have the LIBERTY to do that.
Sorry, but we in AR still can freely gab on our cell phone while holding them in one hand and waving at the police with the other.

Here's a funny video you might like. Watch it and weep... and laugh too:

CA's Cell Phone Law

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, they're in your head.

Quilly, the market for independence goes up and down.

Jim, a bike is probably the right conveyance.

Sure ain't, TLP.

Jim, enjoy your shore leave.

TLP, yeah, happy birthday to Dddragon.

Sauerkraut, that's what they say on the bridge.

Terry, the closest I've come to Liberty is from across the water.

JD, we're a little liberty shy here.

Happy birthday to sister 3D, Actonbell.

Cooper said...

Can't top that.