Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Nineteenth Canto

This week's reading was recorded at the last moment by a semi-rehabilitated outlaw.  Click on Jessi Colter to listen.

To read the story click on the bandit brothers.


Anonymous said...

So I take it she's not Lisa?

And I take it that Blogger's being Blogger, so we'll all know why if this comment gets entered twice?

What are you doing up at this ungodly hour of the evening ... no, night ... no, morning ... no ... ah, the heck with it. Whatever time it is, it's early even for you. Does "semi-rehabilitated outlaw" have something to do with this, and can the lawyer get you off?


uyzmum - the submachine gun has a silencer.

Tom & Icy said...

Put some music to it and you'll have a hit.

TLP said...

Who could that be reading? Sounds so familiar...

Great poem!

Cooper said...

Wonderful I almost want to live in that world.

My sound exploded earlier so I have to listen to it in the light of day.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think I've heard that voice before.

The rotting victim in the mine caused me to verbalize an "Eeeew!"

See you soon! Dine on Thai food we shall do!!
Hippity Dippity Hooray!!!!!!!


Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, rehabilition would help. A ghost writer would help more.

If I could I would, Ice.

Thanks, TLP.

Cooper, open the window before you do.

Thanks, Actonbell.

Wednesday, right, JD? Looking forward to it.

tsduff said...

Somehow that old outlaw
Who tends to the reading
Makes storybook listening
A more wholesome heeding

For those of us listeners
Who eagerly await
Each next thrilling canto
And everyone's Fate

Although being absent
This Saturday all,
I thought of your story while
Under Bridal Veil Falls

So thanks for the chapter
It tickled my thoughts
But doesn't that gal look
Like Monika ought?

Just a little resemblance I thought. Good story as is your usual.

Minka said...

terry, my thoughts exactly! LOL

Doug, this might be one of your simpler style parts of this canto...but it is one of my favourite so far.
the scenic description are amazing and the woman's thoughts not that foreign :)

I wonder if I could have a ferret *ponders*

Doug The Una said...

Terry, the highest complement
A cyberfriend can pay
Is to think of your blog
On Yosemite day.

Minka, a saguaro or two would be flattering. Thank you for the insight into how your mind works.