Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Twentieth Canto

This week's reading was recorded by Aunt Lulu.  To hear Aunt Lulu's annotated reading, stop by the Lovelock bar.

Click to read all about it.

Or watch Lulu read.  You'll thank me.


Tom & Icy said...

That was great! She's as colorful as the story. Good video work. She seems like a real nice. Love the singing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doug's dad says

wiskey for my men and beer for my horses. Lou, Doug is not the only one who thinks of you as a favorite member of the fam.

Dogs and kids in the background. You're home girl

Minka said...

Oh my Lord; children screaming, Mom's hushing and dog's barking...none of them can distract aunt Lou from the task at hand. She's a hoot!

What does strike me as odd, is that with relatives like did you turn into you? Maybe it's good not to open that door, huh?!

Great writing, phenomenal reading. A treat from beginning to end.

Now excuse me while I shuffle over to the reading section, but Aunt Lou's accent, albeit totally right -of course, is very high developed for my RP ears :)

(p.s: it took me two hours to fix the speakers on this computer, but it was totally worth it!)

Ariel the Thief said...

Aunt Lulu knows how to give us a good time.

Let me bring the whiskey. :-)

Doug The Una said...

Icy, you have to be very careful letting Aunt Lou read your story. People tend to forget the story part, but they never forget the reading.

Absolutely, Jenn. My grampa doted on her and left the job to his male descendants.

Thanks, pop. Near beer ok?

Minka, if you think about it everyone has a part to play and Lulu kept the speaking roles for herself.

Absolutely, Ariel. Or you can bring the Unicum. All American whiskeys worth bringing come from within 100 miles of Stinking Creek. It would be like Lulu bringing paprikash to your birthday party.

TLP said...

Oh. MY. GOD! She's the best ever!

Ain’t no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top;
Ain’t no telephone bills

TLP said...

I just remembered that I forgot to thank you.

Doug The Una said...

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
Half bear the other half cat.
Thanks for thanking me, TLP. I'd have been a sorry looking prophet.

Cooper said...

That was wonderful. I think you should pay her. ;)

You choose you characters well. Maybe a future as a casting director?

Logophile said...

I love Lulu

I want to adopt her,
hee hee
"...ever did hurt anybody."
and look at that smile!
She is fab

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, Lulu accepts accepted gifts as a form of currency. That's one way to be a great aunt.

Fab indeed.

Ariel the Thief said...

Ha! I am convinced.

tsduff said...

Aunt Lulu fulfills the definition of Aunt perfectly. Thank you for a most interesting reading - I truly liked the acce-ant ;)

Doug - thanks for the field trip out of class for this reading. Oh, and Unicum reminds me of ANGOSTURA Bitters - do you think it is similar? Ariel - perhaps absinthe would be a better choice to bring.

G said...

"Rocky Top, you'll always be Home Sweet Home to me. Good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top, Tennessee!"

Lulu is enchanting. Glad I didn't miss this one (late as I am).

Doug The Una said...

Had a glass already, Ariel?

Actonbell, I'm also glad you didn't miss it. Fabulous might be the adjective that best suits Lulu.

Terry, I wouldn't know. Your beloved Brinnivin has convinced me that foreign liquors are best stored in full bottles.

G, I'm glad you found time.