Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Twenty-second Canto

This week's Canto is read by OC and Quilldancer. To hear it, click on the ghost tree. Mahalo, OC and Quilly.

Click on Star Peak to read along.


Anonymous said...

When you live in my this was faintly smutty.

It's only natural I am first.

Anonymous said...

Err - nicely done Amoeba & Quilly.

Sorry was distracted by the smutty undertones.'s my gift.

TLP said...

Nice! Both the reading and the writing.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to never again buy RCA speakers.

tsduff said...

I would never had imagined the direction this story would lead. I love it's upredictability - definitely not your average cowboy serial.

Thank you OC and Quilly for giving Will and Maria a voice.

Anonymous said...

I thought about pouting when I realized that OC was going to read all of the script but five lines -- then I saw that I got the five best lines and was more than content.

That Maria is a wicked one. I like her!

Thanks for letting us do this, Doug. Software frustrations aside, it was fun.

Doug The Una said...

Jenn, your comment took me completely by surprise until I noticed you wrote it.

Actonbell, I thought of this as seduction by bringing bad news well, which is the sincerest form.

Thanks, TLP.

Sauerkraut, don't buy the RCA speakers unless you have a dalmatian.

Thanks, Terry.

Quilly, excellent method acting. You're right, though, it was strikingly like listening to Willie and Merle sing The Ballad of Pancho and Lefty.

Anonymous said...

A hui hou, Doug.

Tom & Icy said...

Good story. And that was amazing that they kept focus and poise for four and a half minutes; that's very difficult for a voice talent that does not have professional training. They well could be. This is turning out to be quite an epic poem. You all did so well.

Jamie Dawn said...

Such clear, perfect diction, OC.
And I do believe Quilly when she said that part about "shooting out your eyes."
She said it with conviction!! She played the part well, and I am a bit scared of her now.


Well done!

Anonymous said...

Well, folks, I did do radio when I was in college ... so I can't claim no pro training. 'Course, can't claim a lot, either. As for Quilly, she tells me her voice over the phone garnered a lot of proposals ... besides, she just told me that, though she's not pro trained, she's been acting since before she was born. Draw your own conclusions.

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, you didn't just read, you provided Cliff's Notes. You've been too long in the Academy, good friend.

Icy, it's been suggested that was really two cantos. Good thing I had durable readers.

JD, when you meet Quilly and OC, I recommend getting to the restaurant first so she doesn't catch you in an alley.

Amoeba, I didn't know you did radio, but I'm not surprised.

Minka said...

Fine stuff on both reading and threatening!

The line that stuck with me:

"Although every beauty shines brightest when grim..."

I have this odd unsettling feeling that in a fight with you a girl would be stopped in her words by seeing you grin at her firey eyes!

javajazz said...

more most excellent reading voices!
wow, such talent here!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty wild coming from here. ;)

Great reading as well, perhaps a weekly podcast is really in order for this - maybe an internet radio show...

Doug The Una said...

Actually, Minka, my main defense is returning to the forest.

You bet, JJ. Thanks.

Cooper, the Saturday stories here are already podcast. As to the internet radio, it would be an honor to have you include these stories in your show.