Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Calming Coup

A mob can rise to causes various
But revolution gets precarious
When fratricide among the elect
Leaves only one party the state can select.

Senator Cogdill was hanged this very morn
But would it be decent for us now to mourn
When the hands at the rope and the hands on the chair
Belong to armed men he'd led, himself, there?

It brings us no sorrow, frustration or grief
Nor does it provide us a sense of relief
To see one party disorder our Golden State
Unless the remaining one shares the same fate.

Gathered on the coast by Keats' blood-dimmed tide
What Republicans teach us, we ought to abide.
When rulers see lynching written into their jobs
Shouldn't the people rally our own mobs?

USURPATION, n.  The expropriation by government of the Jacobin instinct.  Parliamentary ochlocracy.


Anonymous said...

I'm encouraged by people protesting in bankers' driveways and the "produce-the-note" movement.
At first I thought you made up "Cogdill" and "ochlocracy." They are too good.

Anonymous said...

Doug's Dad sez:
I will have to think about hanging the legislature - maybe just lay them off.

Firing all but 2 or 3 will save just short of $250 million. Not sure if that includes staff; however, the special interests will provide the analysis. california legislators are plainly morons.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear me!!!someone usurped my number one space. Too bad as I had my Icelandic flag in hand.

To tell the truth I was posting about a new member in my family :)

We don't hear much about California politics here on the east coast...just enough to know that we know nothing.

Tom & Icy said...

The Ochlos and Bloods are going to take over. Icy uslurps when she drinks, but that's different.

Jim said...

Jacobin instinct and parliamentary ochlocracy are right up my alley, NOT. They don't sound good but I won't bother looking these words up, just to forget them in the afternoon.
I'll stick with the Jumbo puzzle where words are only five or six letters, like usurp.

Anonymous said...

I repeat, California voters. Your elected representatives did not put themselves in the Halls of Government. Where are your mirrors?

If you're serious, then you'll pass constitutional amendments (Federal as well as State) mandating the dissolution of the Legislative and Executive branches of Government whenever said shall not pass a constitutionally acceptable budget on the day it is due - with new elections to be held 90 days after the dissolution, in which no incumbent is allowed to run.

That might put some fear into the electees. If there are any. They may all decline, refusing to subject themselves to the unreasonable demands and cross-cutting pressures of the mobs that elected them.

TLP said...

We all have whatever government we elected, and therefore deserve.

Nice job Doug.

Anonymous said...

what a fine writing(your)/reading(mine)...Peace

Nessa said...

Loved the poem.

I say we mutiny over our lack of bounty.

Jamie Dawn said...

CA is in such a mess, and the fix the legislature wants is to raise taxes????!!!!
That's crazy talk!

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Doug :-)

Its all over my head. No matter what is going on in California I still think its gotta be a great favorite curmudgeon lives there!

Doug The Una said...

Weirsdo, do you think they'll protest in Union halls demanding "produce the excuse?" I think I learned Ochlocracy last year. Cogdill is still the name on the Senate Minority Leader's office door.

Plainly, pop. The Senate passed a budget about an hour ago. You're right that it would be criminal to advocate homicide, but we don't have to discourage fratricide among them.

Mo'a, Kreppa reaches even here.

Icy's going to take over the world.

Well, Jim, I'm glad if I could help.

Amoeba, that sounds like a good one. I'm pleased that we took redistricting away from them so that future legislatures might be elected by more than 30% of their districts.

TLP, I wish that were still true.

Thanks, Bear. Then why should my head hurt?

Nessa, that ought to fix it, I reckon.

JD, 8 years ago would have been a good time to not raise taxes. Now it's crazy talk not to.

Actonbell, that's a great idea. They do it North Dakota, so what could go wrong? I think we should have them meet in mine shafts, also.

Hey, Kyah! How are things Canady way?

Anonymous said...

I see that word and the only thing I think of is someone sucking loudly on a straw.

My verifier is piness, the r and the c are missing. Take care of that will you please.