Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Sieben
Today is a holiday, so OC and Quilly are doing the reading and the theme is death. Click on the graves to listen.

To read, the news, click on the picture of Luther shared by Weirsdo.

This week inThe Prattler, Love Under The Democrats (and Republicans.)

Don't forget Ogre Day is tomorrow. Punch a child.
And a Valentine's Day joke, translated from the original bad German:
One day, a demon in hell said to the Devil, "My King, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Shall I go to receive all the men who will arrive on this morning's train?"
And the Devil answered him, "Dear God! I forgot again!"


tsduff said...

Well done OC and Quilly - you two from the isle of swaying palms... I've never heard a more convincing dying man. Excellent narration as well. Oh - and Doug - your pictures as usual are certainly captive of today's reading, and the inevitability of death. Happy Valentine's Day.

TLP said...

*Applause, applause*

Well done! Very well done.

Great writing again Doug.

Forgetting Valentine's Day is how the Devil fell from heaven you know.

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny joke! You post it every year but never in the same place. :-P

Ariel the Thief said...

I know that guy in the photo!

TLP said...

Listen Doug, here you write, "Punch a child." Over at The Prattler you say, "kick a child." This is escalating into child abuse. Pick one: am I to punch or kick a kid tomorrow?? I'm not doing both. I'm not going to jail for an Ogre Day holiday. (Christmas, maybe.)

Doug The Una said...

Terry, one of the things I look forward to in every story is the OQ-Quill duet. They are not stingy actors. The coughing cracked me all the way up.

TLP, you're getting into some weird Theology there.

Ariel, that joke is somewhere between my child and a mole.

I wrote Prattler first. If you like you can wack a child. Ogre Day is a celebration of something not unlike diversity.

Anonymous said...

read somewhere that 85% of vd cards
are sent by women-image that heaven
may be a lonely place...Peace Always
can count on one hand the number of times,it was used to spank!
guess one of the three daughters,
feels cheated...

javajazz said...

happy Valentines Day, Doggie...!
i heart you.
xo lisa

Anonymous said...

So, Dawg, are you telling us that our readings are su-eeet?

Reading your writing is always a joy. Always happy to rui ... er, help out.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy working with OC on these readings. It is the only time I can enjoy an abundance of ham without guilt. I glad everyone here seems to enjoy it as well.

Ariel the Thief said...

Too bad you left out those half sentences but I agree with Terry, never more convincing dying man! Made laugh so hard. Quilly, better watch out with this guy. Oh wait... :)

Anonymous said...

Great installment and extremely entertaining audio presentation.

Hope the Ogre thing passed.

Doug The Una said...

Bear, in heaven they problem send cards to each other.

Happy valentine's day, JJ.

Amoeba, that was the most extraordinary rendition of a dying man since Hannah And Her Sisters.

Quilly, like Easter before Lent?

Yup, Ariel. Too late.

Actonbell, we all celebrate in our own way. In my case, I explained Ogre Day to my niece.

On to President's Day, Coop.

Jamie Dawn said...

Terrific reading! OC has quite a dramatic flair! Quilly's delivery was excellent!

I'm liking this story more and more. You are doing a terrific job with this, Doug!!!!
May your writing well not run dry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the credit. Glad you liked the photo.