Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Acht
To hear my mother read this week's story, click on Frau Braun's dream to your right (and turn up the volume.)

To read this week's part, come to dreamland.

This week inThe Prattler, Finding Abel.


Minka said...

wow...your Mom makes for an excellent reader and her pronunciation of "Greulich" was perfection!

I am really sorry for Frau Braun and all the ladies of the area...another one's leaving the closet...perhaps he is destined for the church after all :)

great reading and great writing. A treat!

Anonymous said...

fine piece , excellent reading...
peace from reno or was that florida or sac / bay area , never-the-less ,

Jamie Dawn said...

Good reading, Doug's Momma!

I'm thinking Gretchen's baby was probably named Porky.
Deitrich can't POSSIBLY stay holy and pure for much longer!!!!

Nessa said...

Doug's Mommy has a beautiful voice.

I find cooked food very intriguing too.

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, you're right. They like apples.

Thanks, Minka. I'm sure Mom will be glad to hear she nailed "greulich."

Bear, wherever you are, I'm sure there's oatmeal.

JD, it's a challenge for us all, isn't it?

Thanks, Nessa. Yeah, I'm fascinated myself.