Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When you have to shoot...

There comes a time in each man's life
When talk becomes absurd
Like when action finally calls to him
Or on abandonment by words.

SLEEPLESS, adj.  Thoughtless.


Al said...

Great verse this morning, Doug.
The whole Universe is a frothing soup of uncertainty until somebody makes a decision.
And that's not just talk.

Anonymous said...

Were my name Jackson, I'd be full of action.

Until then, I'm gonna sit on my keister in front of my puter guzzling my coffee.

Anonymous said...

the current times have not left me sleepless,as the writing was on the wall for years...though many were thoughtless on the surrounding signs...Peace Always

Tom & Icy said...

There comes a time when the self and its thoughts ceases and the being is embodied and empowered by forces from beyond to create a hero or genius.
Well, maybe the spiritual version of a Kodak moment.

TLP said...

Sleepless: You got action!?!?!? No talking. That's good.

Now that's what I'M talkin' about.

Anonymous said...

as the writing was on the wall for years

Yeah. Is the problem really a lack of words, or a lack of the sense that there are ears to hear the words with, Paul?

NPR has a story this morning about folk who are up in arms over a California proposal to raise taxes on veterinary care. Veterinarians (who are worried about becoming as homeless as their patients) are leading the charge, naturally.

I will never again own a pet, because I can never again be certain that I have the financial resources to tend one properly.

These are the choices that must be made. Until they are, all words are indeed empty.

Ariel the Thief said...

Everybody wants the dirty job to be done but nobody wants to be the one to do it. I remember the time Mozes didn't get enough sleep...

"the spiritual version of a Kodak moment" LOL!

Anonymous said...

TLP's comment made me giggle but hers usually do.

A little less conversation a little more action...

Anonymous said...

I've been abandoned by words upon looking at your every definition this week. Going back to bed now.

tsduff said...

Sleepless: When thoughts and worries most readily come to the forefront of one's mind; i.e. me at 3am most mornings.

Sorry to disagree on today's definition but I'm a complete opposite to your update.

Jim said...

Sleepless: When I'm sleepless I'm awake more (dah). I try never to be thoughtless, that isn't nice.
Oh yes, I have two guns that I have never shot. Instead of per your update, I just shut up, lots cleaner and less spilled blood.

Nessa said...

sleepless = thoughtless = tossing and turning and keeping me awake.

Jamie Dawn said...

If you've had a sleepless night, you might not want to do any shooting.

I know today's word is sleepless and not shoot, but a few years ago, our family was in Las Vegas. We went to this place where you can shoot machine guns and other guns. According to my family, I looked hilarious when I shot a target of Bin Laden. Apparently, I do not look very cool handling an uzi.

TLP said...

I'm waiting for you to get in here and give me credit for not mentioning the "when you have to shoot.." part. Of course I could also have used another word for "get in here." See? I don't get credit for all the stuff I don't say.

You really left yourself open for all kinds of comments today boy.

Anonymous said...

thoughtless ; calif. state government

Anonymous said...

No, Anon. California State voters.

"Damitall, I elected you so you could put the hammer down on those (pick one):

a. heathen San Franciscans
b. gangstas in East LA
c. Humboldt County hippies
d. Hollywood People people
e. morons in Sacramento

Not ME!!!!"

Unknown said...

words should be shot from the lips, guns should be shot from the hips

redlym: embarassed limousine

Anonymous said...

Must be those Damned Hippies!!!round them up,hear there may be 50000 opening in the prison population,soon..
more then enough room to bring just-us to humboldt county and the rest of for san fran,nuke it....Thank You for the morning laughter!!!

Anonymous said...

I find the connection between verse and definition surprising. Are we to be contemplating thoughtless, sleepless acts and silences?

Doug The Una said...

Right, Al, and the uncertainty that vanishes with the decision is replaced with doubt.

Sauerkraut, Action Jackson is an under-appreciated film and Vanity an undervalued talent.

Mene mene tekel upharsin, brother Bear. I agree, too. To be caught by surprise is a little odd. Driving from Bishop to Santa Clarita in the middle of the night, however, did cause me sleeplessness.

Icy, that was kind of deep. You found a can of the good stuff, didn't you?

TLP, glad to have you in my corner.

Amoeba, pets can be net producers.

Ariel, that's too funny about Moses. You mean when he came down from the mountain and made the people drink molten gold?

Jenn, why is that always the first line of a monologue?

Quilly, the Devil's Dictionary is getting down to the gristle, I'm afraid. That or my cerebellum is.

Terry, no problem disagreeing. The whole post was an apology for having nothing to say and a post to publish.

Jim, I heard a funny story about an afghan chicken and an m-16.

Nessa, dreams cost more sleep than anything, I'd wager.

JD, I make it a policy to always appreciate the coolness of somebody holding an M-16.

I know, Actonbell. I was up all night trying to remember where I'd heard it before.

It's true, TLP, and almost half the things you do and don't say are in that category, too.

Anonymous, the whole CNS is missing.

I'm not entirely sure, Amoeba. In our gerrymandered districts you only have to represent about 30% of voters. We did vote to take redistricting away from those guys which will leave us more liable (and maybe less libel.)

And hips from the stride, K?

Bear, imprisoning hippies is like caging turtles. Let your freak flag fly.

Weirsdo, it was really just an apology in verse for lacking critical spirit. An unpost.

Ariel the Thief said...

Yeah, and then he made coctail cherries of their heads. Just as he promised them he would.