Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ELECTED, adj. Chosen to discharge one duty and a hundred subordinates.

2009 Update: Judged by a jury of peers for their crimes. Sentenced to carry their grievances for eternity until the next election.


Nessa said...

Elected: The adult version of choosing sides for a game, but still childish.

pia said...

Elected: associated with grievous crimes and/or intimate friendship with a woman not the wife

Oh the first was the last admin and the second the pres before him and governors of states I live in

the amoeba said...

Hmmm ... so how come all of the people we vote into office aren't named Edward? Something doesn't compute here ...

TLP said...

Nice Ariel.

Elected: Al Gore. But I'm not still bitter. Much.

Jamie Dawn said...

Elected to serve... or take... or shove... or force... or to be served.

Jim said...

I am too honest to be elected.
I was given a tip that my opponent would move to California before the end of her term but I refused to let that information leak out.
It was close, she had 50.6%, I had 49.4% of the votes. Besides that she went inside the poling place with her friend to 'watch them' counting the votes.
Reminds me of another lady who ...

Anonymous said...


You should have been first today. You could've said something less cryptic ~ like "Good Morning."

cooper said...

elected: Better than electrocuted, at least up until now.

Tom & Icy said...

too many different words

Anonymous said...

Tom, four words isn't too many.

Minka said...

elected, adj. anointed by the perspiration of others and the ability to recite fiction;

Dr. Minnie Strator said...

We administrators elect to use it for "chose."

Anonymous said...

The blog owner's answers are deleted till further edition.


Doug The Una said...

Karma, they give the stupid verifiers to the first commenters.

Nessa, you're my candidate.

Pia, I think that's connoted, not denoted.

Nice, Ariel.

Amoeba, democracy can be a messy thing.

TLP, just get over it this side of the grave, please. I fear you'll disturb the silence on the other.

JD, it's a funny consecration, isn't it?

Yeah, Jim. To Alaska with you. What did you run for, if I can ask?

Agreed, Anonymous. Cryptic doesn't seem to be Jim's best hat.

Better for whom, Coop?

Right, Icy, good thing they don't all get a vote or we'd be antidisestablishmentarians.

Anonymous, six is plenty.

Minka, see my reply to JD.

Minnie, is there a choosive I can learn more in?

Quite right, Anonymous, and cleverly put.

Ariel, everyone gets three HUF, if they properly follow proper protocols for payment.