Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Fünf-und-Dreizig
To hear Mütti read, click on the little red squirrel.

To read this week's episode, click on the stag.

The story so far is here.


TLP said...

Oh! Great episode! I'm so glad we had the lovely voice of your mother to read it. Nice all around.

Anonymous said...

happy saturday--
enjoyed the read/and write
sounds like bacon
may be on the menu soon

Quilly said...

Oh no! You have left both of our heroes in grave danger! How could you?! Now I will wish my life away until Saturday, next!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, TLP.

But which bacon, Bear?

Quilly, ain't I a pistol?

k. riggs gardner said...

Oh yes! Quilly is so right! I can't live without red squirrel acrobatics!

Anonymous said...

am sure that
,little heracles,
will be just fine

Doug The Una said...

Karen, I like to think that makes good advice to an aspiring writer. When in doubt, jump a red squirrel.

Actonbell, must have been a commercial.

I'm glad for your confidence, Bear.

Cooper said...

Quite suspenseful. I hope bacon doesn't enter into it.

Super read as well.

Minka said...

what a cute squirrel....Monika and Charlie are back....united at last :)
thought you might want to know :)


Doug The Una said...

Coop, do I seem like the kind of...well, we'll see.

Welcome back, Monika and Charlie. I'll get trombones and tubas into the hands of the search party.

Ariel the Thief said...

Like the kind who eats a dear friend for his fat, Pascover? Me, I am generous, my stomach is not.

Minka said...

and fianlly i did get a chance to listen and read thsi episode....I had to, the most recent one, made no sense.
a) your mom's voice is always lovely and she was either drinking some tee and stirred in a cup with a spoon, or I heard her moving her mouse...either way, I listened that intently.
b) I am glad you finally got hagrid into your story. JK Rowling would be proud!
c) I spotted a red squirrel...5 diamonds!

and d) I really don't think I need another comment :)