Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Acht-und-Dreizig
To hear this week's episode, read by Jamie Dawn and her son, Taylor, knock on the cottage door.
To read this week's episode, follow the prodigal.

The story so far is here.


Nessa said...

I always wanted a cottage with a thatched roof. I'm waiting for the story to load. Not quite done. 28 seconds to go. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, ,2 , 1 be back after the listen.

Nessa said...

Great reading Taylor and Jamie Dawn.

I loved the eyelash, eyelid line, Doug.

Tom & Icy said...

Great reading, they work well together. You would make a good script writer, Doug.

TLP said...

Good story advance. Can't get the audio for some reason. I'll have to try again later.

Oops! Here comes the sound!

Good job guys.

Jamie Dawn said...

It was lots of fun doing the reading.
Taylor even ADMITTED that he had fun doing the reading.
You really have a winner of story here, Doug!

Happy Weekend!!


k. riggs gardner said...

It's late at night. This story is like the soap-opera, The Young & the Restless. You just pretend to know what happened two-weeks ago - even if you don't.

I'm looking forward to hearing JD & Taylor's oral interpretation later in the day.

It seems it's well-liked.

Ariel the Thief said...

Thank you, Jamie Dawn and Taylor, it was great!

k. riggs gardner said...

An afterthought:

Diggin'on the graphic. I've always enjoyed anything by Albrecht Durer.

k. riggs gardner said...

Another afterthought:

Ariel. From your profile, I see you live in Zimbabwe, Africa. Do you need to update your profile, or do you still live 8,000 miles away?

Nothing closer?

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Nessa. J.D. and T.T. did great, didn't they?

Icy, it's all casting. Yeah, I bet they read together more than they'll admit.

Thanks, TLP.

JD, TT just up and admitted it? He only has about one more year to be surly. Thanks to both of you.

Karen, I don't pretend to know what happened on The Young and The Restless.

Agreed, Ariel.

Karen, there are reasons the new kid shouldn't be hall monitor.

Minka said...

wow....excellent reading, but are we sure there were only two people reading? I swear I heard three distinct of those two has quite some vocal ability.

Gretchen would have made an exxcellent circus owner :)

cooper said...

Pffft, soap opera, more like Masterpiece Theater.

Lovely rad guys.

quilly said...

Excellent! Bravo! Great reading.

And great plotting, Doug. I am so intrigued by this story I am just dying to know where it's going.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, Dietrich's voice I think, was J.D.'s voice reengineered by Taylor. Which if you think about it is perfect.

Thank you, Coop. That's more like it.

I'm curious myself, Quilly. Thanks.