Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Taxonomy of Glory

The King of badgers, I suppose,
Is chosen for the dampest nose.
The Duke of fleas, I would suggest,
Must be the very peskiest.

The speaker of the rodent house
Is nervous like no other mouse.
The most august of household roaches
Disgusts each neighbor she approaches,

While the mold that regulates its kin,
Is slimiest against the skin.
And the Marquis ruling over mildew
Stinks of sulfured sin mixed with you.

So it shouldn't take you by surprise,
The narrowness of pundits' eyes-
Man magnifies by praise and bribe
The pettiest among his tribe.

ELITE, adj. First among the countless.


Minka said...

too many "o" s in the Title!

It scares me!

Minka said...

Elite, n. supremely French

Jim said...

Elite. In blogging is Doug the elitest of the elite?
Now if we talk type size, elite is lessor than pica, if he can't be elite then being the picaest bloger might be of a higher τάξις nomos still.

the amoeba said...

the pettiest among his tribe

Donald Trump.

That thunder is Linnaeus sitting up in his grave muttering "Too true, too true".

Ariel the Thief said...

Elite, those that hunt for fun instead of need.

quilly said...

Well fancy that, I looked elite up in the dictionary and found a picture of ME! What I can't figure out is why it said underneath, see also: deluded

cooper said...

Those doing the counting as well as the only ones counted. Suddenly this obsession with Taxonomy.

I can't believe I Missed reconciliation, but then again Penance was never my thing.

tsduff said...

Elite: The Beatles stand tall on that tower of elite; there are few contenders to their perfect harmony, passion, and universal appeal. Listening to their mix of new and old brings me back to a place I've been - and will never be able to be again.

But the Bear shares it with me today :)

Anonymous said...

(elite,a status only
given by the people)
listening to live
stream on new
not to say that
classical does not have a place
but these tunes
remind me of a
simpler time :
first time

first toke

first cocktails


wish i saw it then

Peace and Love ,Prosperity

Unknown said...

It's good to belong to the club

cridens: homes so elite, they bring tears to your eyes

Doug The Una said...

Better, Minka? Now there are none.

Nah, Jim. I prefer to think of myself as the commonest of the quotidian.

Amoeba, Karolus Linneaus is kind of the William Corvinus to Gregor Mendel's Markus, isn't he?

By that reasoning, Ariel, vampires are more common than I thought.

Quilly, in Webster's dictionary, the word "Elite" has a mirror beside it. Try the OED.

Not for you, Cooper, no.

Terry, I have to admit I don't get Beatle worship. I like them but I like Steppenwolf just a tad more.

Bear, I was just making that very point on another blog. Next round's on me.

I can only imagine, K. Certainly, you are queen of all verifiers.

Dr. Minnie Strator said...

I hope the Weirsdos will find stimulating food for thought amongst the creatures here!

tsduff said...

Okay, I have the Steppenwolf album (with all the doodads and people on the front). It was great ("I Like To Dream... Magic Carpet Ride") ... the perfect biker party song... in fact, one of my very acquisitions in the day...

I have no worship for the Beatles - only admiration and extreme fun at singing their songs late at night after much imbibation...