Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Drei-Und Vierzig
To listen, poke the bat ar right.

To read this week's episode, click the snow over Hessen.

The story so far is here.


TLP said...

Or rather, we can't see, nor hear.

Nessa said...

Is this your Halloween trick Doug? You can't get any treats this way.

Ghost, Goblins, Ghouls, Oh, My

Ariel the Thief said...

I'd happily tell a story to amuse your readers but nothing comes to me. :(

Doug The Una said...

Sorry about that, TLP. A little behind in my writing. Pun intended.

Nah, Nessa. Just late.

Oh come on, Ariel. It's your turn.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

still composing
a reply

v/w--SUFFINEN...being catholic(lol)


TLP said...

This is very sweet. To me at least. You're in good voice too.

Maybe both these guys better think about reading the Good Book in the GREEK to get at the "truth."

k. riggs gardner said...
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Nessa said...

Rabbit, Rabbit.

German verbs are definitely enlightening and reformatory. The story and reading were worth the wait.

Sunny Sunday #4 - Sunny Bunnies

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit.

Cooper said...

reformatory verbs?

k. riggs gardner said...
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tsduff said...

Cheers from mound of comforters and blankets - there is much to be said regarding stories being read to one confined to the bed...

Always enjoy hearing the author reveal his works.

Rabbit Rabbit - especially enjoyed the bat.

Anonymous said...

and so
it goes
heresy among heretics
now it is true
s/he who gives to the poor
or lends to the needy
would be walking in
JC style shoes
oh but
the lust of
power politics dogma

(are you taking a poll?)


rabbit rabbit

enjoyed the read
was at a
baptism this morning
so many roofs
one God


Doug The Una said...

I and I thank you, Bear.

TLP, I think you're right. Or Aramaic.

Karen, kind commenters don't say too much about certain episodes.

Thanks, Nessa.

Rabbit rabbit, TLP.

Actonbell, see Karen's comment. Rabbitses.

Cooper, I can't even remember the grammatical types. Which one is passive voice, again?

Karen, you are correct, I think. I need to find my Schoolhouse Rocks DVD.

Bless your heart, Terry. Feel better.

A poll, Bear? Yes! Do you Highly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Accept Heresy, or Expect Eternal Torment?

k. riggs gardner said...
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Jamie Dawn said...

That last line is a goodie.
I'm worried about heresy and how it will affect VAter Karl. I don't want him burned at the stake or anything. That would truly be hitonious.
Good story and good read. Your Ludwig deeper voice made him sound like the oaf he is.