Monday, October 26, 2009


DEPILATORY, adj. Having the property of removing hair from the skin-a quality highly developed in the hand of a wife.

2009 Update: Apeciogenic. Causing the removal or absence of especially bodily hair, such as by the presence of ambition in the blood or estrogen in the home.


Nessa said...

You are trying to start your own language, aren't you?

Thanks for the thumbs up on Wilkie Collins. I don't mind Dickens's wordiness. Dan Simmons (the author of Drood) is the one who is too wordy.

Nessa said...

Oh, and I was first. Everyone must be sleeping late.

Book Review #4 - Drood

pia said...

Nessa is so right. Your definition gives new meaning to the word depilatory. I think I have a cute anecdote about depilatory but fortunately have forgotten it

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

I dont cair what kind of triky words you use I aint geting no harecut.

weirsdo said...

An effect sought after by women and denied by men.

TLP said...

DEPILATORY: something women use to rid themselves of stray eyebrows. That is to say, eyebrow hairs which have strayed to their upper lips and chins.

Anonymous said...

I hate shaving. I hate beards I can't win. it's the lesser of two depilatory evils!

the amoeba said...

"Marco? You OK?"

"I been sick."

"You go see de doc?"

"Yeah. I tell him de sicka story, he tell me depilatory."

"But you no betta?"

"I'm worsa. I go de store, I aks, he tell. I no got de dinero for dis!"

Ariel the Thief said...

Depilatory, one of the things why I am going to enjoy when I am born again as a man in my next life.

Jim said...

Doug makes up his own words now
Google finds JUST HIM.

No kidding, Doug, Google just came up with this post. Out trillions words there wasn't even one for which could be said, "Did you mean ... ?"

Have you tried hair growing since you were young?

k. riggs gardner said...

I think we need Quilly here to break down the word into parts:

Ape: hairy
cio: similar to C3PO
gen: British slang for general information
Ic: short for ick

Short, hairy robots who are generally icky.

It could also possibly mean hairlessness, but I doubt it.

the amoeba said...

Apeciogenic - Schwarzenegger, pre-Governator. From pecio (Sp.), a shipwreck, aka Schwarzenegger, post-Governator.

quilly said...

I need a depilatory for the bathroom floors! They're not supposed to be carpeted yet too often they are!

(I bet you really wanted to know that.)

k. riggs gardner said...

You could be on to something there, the amoeba. a~pecio~genic:

A genetic shipwreck

sauerkraut said...

see, Sinead O'Connor.

cooper said...

Woman have depilatory affect on a man's head of hair I hear.

That made up word, well it's just not fair.

Doug The Una said...

You bet, Nessa. I'm thinking of calling it Greek.

Haha, Pia. That probably is in the public interest.

Boy, you don't want to grow up to be a damn dirty hippie, do you?

Weirsdo, I gave up and just started using my beagle's head in place of my own.

Funny, TLP.

Thom, I wouldn't mind shaving so much if I could do it without the mirror.

Must have been the strain, Amoeba.

Saves a lot of dye, Ariel.

Jim, I'm glad you're there to keep me honest. To your question, yes and I used to be better at it.

Karen, I think you've been a good pupil to Quilly.

Come on, Amoeba. Aka isn't a real word.

That was information rich, Quilly.

Karen, now I'm getting sensitive.

If you insist, Sauerkraut.

You hear correctly, Cooper, although men have the same effect on themselves.

Anonymous said...

shave once
a week
my compromise
with society