Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Anthropogenic Global Whining

Whether the science from gleaning of data
Is right that the world's getting warmer
Or the others are right that the science won't matter
If we cede all our plans to the former:
It's summery here in C.A. in November
And might be for Christmas, the worse.
So I'm starting my day, hoping to remember
To drive in to work in reverse.

DISCOMFORT, n. Heaven's first gift to the good and wisdom's middle curse on the industrious.


Jim said...

Good, Doug! Great! And I know that Bierce didn't write that one.

Why don't you buy an electric car? It is anthropogenic in almost any gear. Except for charging and you do most of that in the middle of the night when people are asleep.

Discomfort: waiting in anticipation for the automatic shut off on the electric vehicle battery charger.

Jim said...

Doug, check your computer clock.
You haven't had your post up for over an hour like the post time says.
Did you let it change for PST?

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I'll be a while before I experience that discomfort (a well-written comment, though.) As for the computer clock, the post is timed from when we open the "Create new post" box. Most days, it's pretty close but since on Wednesday I have to decide what the post is about, there can be a pretty substantial gap. Today it took until I got to the weather section of the paper.

TLP said...

Since I drive a hybrid I'm not the cause of your warmth.

My using AC to the max at home and in the car can't possibly be a problem. Don't dis comfort.

BTW, I remember doing Christmas shopping in LA and sweating from the heat. Wrong. Just WRONG. True discomfort.

Jim said...

Thanks, Doug. You are correct on the time. I almost always reset mine before posting. Mine take several hours also as I generally have to feed the dogs or make Mrs. Jim a meal before finishing.

Sometimes after doing that I go back and set it for the next day but it posts now. That's why so many of mine are 12:03 AM. It is a 'favorite.'

the amoeba said...

DISCOMFORT, n. The realization that:

1. Wherever you are, the weather's better someplace else;

2. Your classmate who never went to college is far more prosperous than you;

3. Humans kicked off anthropogenic global warming thousands of years ago merely by existing.

Anonymous said...

drama living
surely we are
the oddest
global species

i like to
look out for
license plates
which show
animals of the past
unpolluted waters of the past
blue sky

guess the plates
are like
mobile O'bits


Nessa said...

Doug, perhaps if you didn't ogle the starlets on the way to work you wouldn't be quite so warm. Are there starlets in Santa Clarita?

Wordless Wednesday - Cody's Help and Halloween

pia said...

You ogle to the starlets? And don't change the time on your post to reflect reality?

Oh the things I'm learning about you Doug!

k. riggs gardner said...

Your article link is interesting, Amoeba. It's certainly plausible that an AGW contributor could have been wholesale slash and burn of forestlands.

Ariel the Thief said...

Discomfort, the pretty skirt after the dessert.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love the poem, and I can't think about today's word because I am in disbelief over the fact that you ONLY JUST RECENTLY rode the Jungle Cruise ride.
Yes, the jokes have always been bad, but that ride has been around for all these years, and you only now have experienced it. I'm aghast! I rode it when I was itty bitty, and I've ridden it several times since. You will have to ride it another ten times or so to catch up with me.
I've been on Pirates of the Caribbean many, many times, since it's probably my favorite ride there. The best experience ever was being at Tokyo Disney with Courtney and riding Pirates of the Caribbean. It was the same except everything was in Japanese. FUN to the max!!!
Okay, I'm done blathering on...


cooper said...

You won't catch me campaigning to stop Global Whining, some things are are just not going to end no matter what we do.

Tight pants and high heels. ;0

Love the poem.

Ariel the Thief said...

Discomfort, the pretty idea after it comes true.

(Geez, there's a poem there indeed!)

Anonymous said...

Discomfort: IRS LOL

tsduff said...

Discomfort: What we are sure to experience just after finishing the upcoming Thanksgiving feast later this month...

Doug The Una said...

So, TLP, you're saying there's no global warming- I just relocated badly? That sounds likely.

Jim, that sounds like an honest but bureaucratic process. To be honest, I didn't know anyone but my dad paid attention to the time stamps. The most innocent lies are those fabrications no-one listens to. As my brother's friend Suneil told my brother one time "What's the big deal? You know I'm lying!"

Amoeba, nothing is more soluble than existence. And for what it's worth, I conducted a private experiment on the economics of college, in which I studied myself as an adult graduate and earlier as the control (n=1 twice). The results suggest income rises with education, while intelligence is inversely correlated.

Bear, I think it's the marmot, then us.

Not as far as I'm aware, Nessa. Mostly I'm left to ogle coyotes, quail and the visa-pending.

Pia, I don't change anything on my post to reflect reality. When Marilyn Chambers died, I learned she had lived in Santa Clarita. Otherwise, this town isn't much for starlets.

I agree, Karen. It makes you wonder if more florists and fewer farmers might be the solution.

Ariel, I'll trust you on that.

JD, I think that's true. At least, I don't remember going on the Jungle Cruise when I was a wee one, but on that trip I rode Space Mountain and The Matterhorn and lost my birth family.

One woman's discomfort is another man's comfort, I reckon, Coop.

Ariel, yes there is:
The pretty idea, once it comes true,
Long leaves the dreamer bitter and blue,
While the ugliest folly ever aspired,
Unstarted, keeps fools forever inspired.

Pretty much any knock on the door, Thom, yeah.

Terry, I prefer to realize that after the third helping, if you don't mind.

quilly said...

Discomfort -- wondering how I managed to forget to read this blog entry yesterday!

Doug The Una said...

Nothing to be uncomfortable about, Quilly.

k. riggs gardner said...

So I'm starting my day, hoping to remember To drive in to work in reverse.