Tuesday, November 24, 2009


TRINITY, n. In the multiplex theism of certain Christian churches, three entirely distinct deities consistent with only one. Subordinate deities of the polytheistic faith, such as devils and angels, are not dowered with the power of combination, and must urge individually their claims to adoration and propitiation. The Trinity is one of the most sublime mysteries of our holy religion. In rejecting it because it is incomprehensible, Unitarians betray their inadequate sense of theological fundamentals. In religion we believe only what we do not understand, except in the instance of an intelligible doctrine that contradicts an incomprehensible one. In that case we believe the former as a part of the latter.

2009 Update: A Christian formulation for one being in three persons. Examples include the divine trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the earthly trinity of sinner, neighbor and pagan and the ecclesiastical trinity of the Fellowship Committee.


Nessa said...

I don't understand any of this. I must still be drunk from yesterday. Did I at least type properly today?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey Butt

Jim said...

Our Trinity is one.
The Trinity River is the largest and longest river solely in East Texas. It floods parts of Dallas regularly.
'The name "Trinity" came in 1690 from Alonso De León, who called the stream the "La Santísima Trinidad" ("the Most Holy Trinity")

TLP said...

As a Unitarian I must point out that the word "Trinity" does not appear in the bible, nor is it truly described in a single verse anywhere in the bible.

So I am left to believe that it is a county in Northern CA. Nice place.

the amoeba said...

Matthew 28:19, TLP?

Robert Graves (in The Greek Myths) traced the concept of the Trinity back to ancient icons depicting the three stages of female life: maiden, nymph, and crone.

He also conjectured that, in antiquity, a tribe's queen (the real focus of power) would, on occasion, allow her consort to wear her dresses - typically, just before the consort was sacrificed to ensure a successful harvest.

Eventually, kings and their subjects developed the means to put a stop to this nonsense. It was called "the army". But His Royal Highness kept the dress ... er, robe.

The Greek Myths forever changed how I view crosses and dresses. To say nothing of cross-dressers.

Anonymous said...

Trinity - Me, Myself and I?

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Ariel the Thief said...

Two is a couple, three is ...

Tom & Icy said...

Trinity, the femme fatale in the Matrix movies, is one of my favorite female characters. "Dodge this!" BANG!! And that scorpion karate kick is really cool as well as running on walls and jumping in the air and stopping for a few seconds before kicking the cops in the head. Now that's one gal you have to respect!

k. riggs gardner said...

Definition and update aside, I am in AWE of Nessa's colorful "Turkey Butt." Surely I'm not the only blog commenter of the same opinion!

Anonymous said...

one of three
of the
golden triangle
or is that
green triangle..

church of the holy smoke
or was it, holy toke

bless bless

quilly said...

The Trinity makes perfect sense. God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit are jointlu in charge of creation. They HAVE to be one entity. The proof is in the fact that we are created in God's image.

Mankind has a horrific time working in committees. We likely inherited that tendency. (It seems that I am always explaining the obvious.)

pia said...

And all these years I thought trinity was a divine threesome. Oh they lied to me and I fell for it :)

Happy Thanksgiving Doug

Chinua Achebe said...

When they had all gathered the white man began to speak to them. He spoke through an interpreter who was an Ibo man, though his dialect was different. . . . Many people laughed at . . . the way he used words strangely. Instead of saying "myself" he always said "my buttocks."
. . .
After the singing the interpreter spoke about the son of God whose name was Jesu Kristi. Okonkwo . . . now said:
"You told us with your own mouth that there was only one god. Now you talk about his son. He must have a wife then."
. . .
"Your buttocks said he had a son," said the joker [in the crowd]. "So he must have a wife and all of them must have buttocks."

Ariel the Thief said...

Tom, I love the way she moves, too. And how beautiful that sitting in the air at the beginning is, just beautiful. I wish she was mute.

k. riggs gardner said...

Ice, that's a strong wish. Are you sure you've thought that through? The Matrix is only a film ~ and a rather old one, at that. What would be the good of a mute "femme fatale" ??

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, your turkeys are highlights of November. Never sober up.

See, Jim, I had no idea.

TLP, see Amoeba's comment but also John 14:16-26 has a description that theologians used to compose the trinity. But you're right, you can believe the bible and not believe in the trinity.

Funny, Amoeba.

Happy Thanksgiving, Thom, to you, yourself and, um, thou?

...a few, Ariel?

You bet, Icy. What a date! Maybe that's why the sequels sucked.

That could be the problem, Actonbell.

Karen, Nessa does Turkeys every year. Always funny.

Bless, bless, puff, Bear. Actually, that might be a good description of the trinity.

Quilly, that was some proof.

Ask the Rabbi, Pia? Happy Thanksgiving.

Things fall apart, Chinua. I hope you brought yam for the holiday.

Ariel, she spoke?

Karen, the answer to your question seems kind of obvious to me.

Tom & Icy said...

There's a mute button on the remote.