Monday, November 16, 2009


Hail noble fruit! — by Homer sung,
Anacreon and Khayyam;
Thy praise is ever on the tongue
Of better men than I am.

The lyre in my hand has never swept,
The song I cannot offer:
My humbler service pray accept —
I'll help to kill the scoffer.

The water-drinkers and the cranks
Who load their skins with liquor —
I'll gladly bear their belly-tanks
And tap them with my sticker.

Fill up, fill up, for wisdom cools
When e'er we let the wine rest.
Here's death to Prohibition's fools,
And every kind of vine-pest!
Jamrach Holobom
2009 Update: The fruit of a tangled vine, by a tangled vine and for a tangled line.


TLP said...

Now, see, when I think of grapes, I think of eating them fresh, not mixed with toe jam.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait...the word was grapes.

pia said...

I like them frozen. Solves the always present tangled vine problem

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP!!! For God's sake!!!!

the amoeba said...

Hey Ariel! Didn't you know that all those evanescent flavors and aromas over which the connoisseurs wax eloquent were stomped into the wine?

GRAPE, n. A fruit so highly regarded that it's spilled over into the tomato family, and was shot from guns centuries before the invention of puffed wheat.

Anonymous said...

GRAPES: Carlo Rossi Burgundy and sneaking one in Safeway

Minka said...

grape, n. breakfast, lunch and dinner for Hollywood's thinest, thirstiest and most pretentious.

Jamie Dawn said...

Minka: haha... good one.

Grape: delicious in many forms, much like chocolate.

quilly said...

[hic] Oh, sorry. Was I s'possed to say sumthin?

Anonymous said...

thank you


Ariel the Thief said...

A bunch of grapes and a sheet for the Aphrodite look. (Moses, you do not try!)

Jim said...

We are doing house cleaning here after changing out our floors.

Mrs. Jim found a plate from my greatgrandmother sitting on the shelf.

One the back it said "Happy 61st Birthday! From the Woman's Christian Temperance Union # ... "

This was around 1900. Times have changed. I am guessing/predicting Prohibition again is about next.

TLP said...

Oh Ariel, so sorry for letting the cat out of the bag...or the toe jam into the wine. Whatever.

Nessa said...

TLP, I think that's where the yeast comes from for fermentation.

Monday's MeMe - One is not like the Others

Ms. Lonely-Heart said...

My life is so empty
Eight-thousand miles.
Across town.
Years. Years ago.

As long as
is responsible
for my misery ~

I live on ...

Ms. NaMoWriMo said...

LOL! This is wonderful. I do hope it's a true story!

How many words did I write today? Oh yeah, fifty-five. Only 1,000,000 more to go by tomorrow. I'll do it over the weekend.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, a couple bottles of wine ought to fix that.

Good example, Jenn.

Really, Pia? I never heard of that.

It's ok, Ariel. Take a sip.

Amoeba, grape is the fate of sea captains and know-it-alls.

Thom, you're a man of discriminating tastes. I can see that.

Planning a new career are you, Minka?

JD, now that's true, although I'm not much of a oenocerus.

Not necessarily, Quilly. Can I talk to the bottle.

That you, bear?

Nono, Ariel, although if I were bringing law to my people, I'd sure get 'em drunk first.

Jim, we have prohibitions now. Just no temperate women.

TLP, you're strangely puritan for a unitarian.

Nessa, I don't think details are missing.

Ms. Lonely-Heart, that was pretty good.

Ms. NaNoWriMo, Monday should be good to start.

Doug The Una said...

Where is Aesop when you need him?

Cooper said...

I worship those things.

Good definition.