Thursday, December 10, 2009


OPPOSE, v.t. To assist with obstructions and objections.
How lonely he who thinks to vex
With badinage the Solemn Sex!
Of levity, Mere Man, beware;
None but the Grave deserve the Unfair.
Percy P. Orminder
2009 Update: To make a martyr or to make a satyr.
Half-man-half-beasts took up their seats
In the parliament of ancient Crete's
Under good King Minos' aegis.
The floor lay still, and what a thrill,
The King would sing in elden trill
"No law will e'er besiege us!

"So long as human source and rump of horse
Or goat-legs, with bull's heads, of course
Are joined two-in-one-creature-
The caucus lasts, and pretty fast
The opposition's votes are cast
Consensus "neighs"- a democratic feature!"


Hobbes said...

To grab at, as with a thumb.

Jim said...

What ever it is I am opposed.
That is my role (I'm a Republican).
[I am very happy that a sitting president of the United States is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He seems very humble about it all.]

Anonymous said...

Oppose: Republicans vs. Democrat. Bring on a strong 3rd party. Get some work done!!!!

Tom & Icy said...

I learned where all those ancient mythical creature ideas came from: they had archeologists way back in the Greek days who dug up bones and tried to piece them together and got all sorts of weird looking animals which they thought actually lived in their ancient past, and big ass dinosaur bones were giants and the gods.

quilly said...

OP jargon observation post

POSE n. bodily attitude or posture; mental attitude or posture

OPPOSE v.t. to deliberately take or deliberately distribute an idea or attitude with the sole intent of watching the public response line one's pockets.
see also: journalism

Nessa said...

Strike O Pose!

Car Goes Boom

Jim said...

Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!
Happy (late) birthday Stevie!

Stevie, that's the way I sing. And all the better that I can get.
I do hope your birthday was happy.

cooper said...

oppose it is a dance of sorts is it not?

I like you poetic explanation.

Μίνως said...

A PYRRHIC VICTORY is a victory won at enormous price.

Φίλοι μέρος καλά

Doug The Una said...

Opposable plums, Hobbes?

Jim, you started as Groucho and ended Curly. The greats, surely.

Thom, I'd be grateful for a third party, but not if it made congress more effective.

Icy, that's a great metamythology. I particularly like the cyclops interpreted from an elephant skull.

Journalism, blogging, podcasting, etc., Quill. Many examples.

Oh mercy, Nessa. Madonna?

Not unless you know a beast that says "Aye," Actonbell. Chihuahua, maybe?

Jim, that's all the gooder you gotta get.

Very much so, Cooper. A slow dance.

That's all Greek to me, Μίνως.

Unknown said...

Is opposed the same as being married?

Doug The Una said...

I imagine so, Nicole. At least it looks close to me.