Tuesday, January 05, 2010


MA, n. Mother in the language of children. Contradiction of mommer.

2010 Update: A woman in her dotage who still remembers recipes and where she left her wallet. Her dotage begins when she is 27 years older than her caricaturist and ends when she reaches 7 years older.


TLP said...

A word that means, look at me! also Feed me! and Help me! and, well, you get the idea.

Ma is frequently the first one up in the morning.

sauerkraut said...

yo, yo. music.

Jim said...

Ma, may me make you Moma?
Ma, may me make you Mom?
Ma, may me make you Mother?

These responses are valid for the stages of my culture. I really don't think I would even ask 'Ma' as 'Ma' is too backwoodsie for our families to be using.

Anonymous said...

Ma - My best friend :)

pia said...

I drove my mother crazy because I insisted on calling her "ma," knowing she hated it

It was best yelled in a crowded clothing store when 200+ mothers would turn around to see if they were being called.

Great memory Doug. She drove me crazier. It was a game we played well

k. riggs gardner said...

It's the Great Memory-Game theatre!

PIA: idol: artificial reality (I always get the greatest words in your wv--today it's strife)

DOUG: Pia, perhaps some day your verifier will be "zen." Perhaps not.

PIA: Love this Doug. You say what too many of us think but refuse to believe.

DOUG: Pia, I try to say what I refuse to believe.

PIA: Happy New Year Doug! (for the last time also)

DOUG: For the last time this year, I hope. Same to you, Pia.

Cooper said...

eh I prefer mother.

Love the word dotage though.

Anonymous said...

Of course you do, Cooper.

quilly said...

Ma -- no input. Didn't have one.

Grandma n. incredible lady

Doug The Una said...

TLP, explain to me!

Icy, your yo' mama jokes are so old, yo' mama does their makeup.

Cello, Sauerkraut.

Jim, don't get above yer raisin'.

Thom, I'm really gonna have to start calling you John Boy. Good gravy, you're as wholesome as the first draft of a sermon.

Pia, a mother and daughter have a blessed relationship in which they can drive each other crazy with words. Dads and sons usually have to break stuff and drive nails through each other's wrists to accomplish the same thing.

Thank you, Karen, for rememorializing comments left here. I bet that helps.

Actonbell, I thought you were from Memphis.

For your sake, Coop, I'll try calling my mother "Dotage."

Quilly, maybe you can back into it by deconstructing the roots?

Anonymous said...

Only when it comes to my mother LOL :)

Doug The Una said...

If you say so. You sure that isn't an ice cream truck you drive?

quilly said...

Thom -- wholesome? Let me contemplate that -- he loves his mama, has maintained the same job for 20+ years, is loyal to his friends and remarkably generous as well. On the other hand, he smokes, he drinks and he cusses.

I'd say he's pretty well-balanced in the wholesome department. Not too good, not too bad. Just average wonderful.