Friday, January 08, 2010


MOTION, n. A property, condition or state of matter. The existence and possibility of motion is denied by many philosopher's, who point out that a thing cannot move where it is and cannot move where it is not. Others, with Galileo, say: "And yet it moves." It is not the province of the lexicographer to decide.
"How charming is divine Philosophy!" Milton

2010 Update: An inclement increment in which a child finds purpose, an adult finds failure and a vase finds death. Zeno's intelligent design.


Ariel the Thief said...

What a murderer/almost murderer gives you with a 12-strings guitar. :)

TLP said...

I like that Acton.

I move that we all nap every day at 3 PM.

pia said...

I like Actonbell's also
"poetry in motion" was the first rock song I remember hearing on the radio at my second best friend's house. My parents didn't like her family because they were "low class" but I got to hear rock music
Of course I was eight and first thought it was the name of a show devoted to poetry--which I guess says a lot about my family
Wow Doug I've been writing shorter posts than this!

k. riggs gardner said...

I like Milton's definition. In particular "Paradise Lost." According to Wikipedia, Book II of this "epic poem in blank verse" :

"Satan and the rebel angels debate whether to wage another war on Heaven, and Beelzebub tells them of a new world being built which is to be the home of Man. Satan decides to visit this new world, passes through the Gates of Hell, past the sentries Sin and Death, and journeys through the realm of Chaos. Here, Satan is described as having given birth to Sin with a burst of flame from his forehead, before he began open warfare with God — as Athena was born from the head of Zeus."

My word verification today is: wargendl

Jim said...

I make a motion that winter with it's inclement weather cease.

quilly said...

Motion -- what I need to be in! I still have all the winter clothes to wash & pack!

Anonymous said...

Motion: I'll second that :)

Tom & Icy said...

It gets harder to move the older we get until all motion stops.

Doug The Una said...

Toe-tapping and track-lining, Ariel?

To a jogger, Actonbell, sure.

Seconded, TLP.

Where, Pia?

And what part of Satan did erudition burst from, I wonder, Karen.

Jim, I'd move that 72-degree days in January be ended forthwith. Maybe we should just trade houses.

Quilly, I imagine those haven't breathed a lot lately.

Very well, Thom. Discussion?

I'm with you, Icy. Maybe ahead of you.

NicoleB Egypt said...

Motion is relative, especially in the Middle East...

Cooper said...

Doug you are right. Clever definition.

Doug The Una said...

Nicole, we used to joke in Nevada about pounding a stake in the ground next to somebody to make sure they were moving.

Thanks, Coop. Onward!

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