Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Whereas the year, unlike myself,
Has changed- to twenty-ten;

Whereas the expectation is
There's change as well in men;

Whereas that hope has lasted
Since Abel fell to Cain;

Resolved, we all shall mend our ways
Down roads that rough remain.

FITTEST, adj. Most fitted.


pia said...

Only you would bring up Cain & Abel in a we really don't keep resolutions but there's always hope poem

This one has my giggling

Have a wonderful 2010, Doug. I actually plan to :)

Jim said...

Nice, Doug. But, you resolve for you and I will resolve for myself. I am the fittest to do that.

Tom & Icy said...

I'm fit as a fiddle that's out of tune.

Anonymous said...

i would have never thought to put Cain and Abel in a New Year's Resolution post. What is correct: Twenty Ten or Two Thousand Ten? Maybe the rough road will clear that one up

k. riggs gardner said...

As Pia mentioned, Thom, only Doug would bring up Cain and Abel in a New Year's Resolution post. I'm not surprised you would have never thought of it. May the rough road ahead not affect your driving, ice cream truck or otherwise.

TLP said...

Fit-test: sort of like an A-bomb test.

quilly said...

This year is my year to fit in that group -- she said while licking a spoon covered in frosting.

cooper said...

eh the one dancing to that Madonna video.....

Doug The Una said...

Pia, I didn't mean to be hopeful. Maybe that should have been since Jacob first robbed Esau.

Right you are, Jim. This is just a modest proposal.

And I, Icy, am as a string grown wide.

I always expect it to, Thom.

A generous wish, Karen. Thank you.

True, TLP. Both take place on bikini islands.

Good spoon, Quilly?

More than likely, Actonbell. Cheers!

Ha, Cooper. No doubt.

quilly said...

Any spoon covered in frosting is a good spoon!