Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The two monks and the fortune teller

Once upon a time, two monks, Abba Nelson and Abba Abercrombie were walking through the desert when a caravan passed by on its way to Alexandria. A fortune teller in the train saw their simple robes and mistook them for father and son shepherds deprived of sheep. The seer hailed the two and, pulling a colorful deck of cards from his satin robes, laid three out in the sand.

"Old man," said the mage to Abba Abercrombie, the eldest Monk, "I will tell you what your destiny shall be. You are a poor man now but in five years time you will be as rich as a Sultan."

"You would deprive me of everything," answered Abba Abercrombie. "I have renounced worldly goods in favor of the wealth of God's word."

"By rich," explained the soothsayer, "I meant famous. Praise for your piety will carry your name far beyond where your feet can take you."

"You would deprive me of my purpose," answered the old ascetic. "I came to the desert to be alone with God."

The forecaster paused only a second before answering, "Ah, but when I say fame beyond your earthly travels, I mean your sacrifice will be sung by the angels in heaven, so assures my model."

The caravan returned to its course and when the farewells had been bade and the two monks were alone, the young monk turned to the older and prophesied, "One such as he, who foretells the fondest wishes of his solicitor will surely become advisor to an emperor."

"Yes," replied Abba Abercrombie, "and one so willing to explain himself will surely end his life in prison."

Moral: Only deception can be predicted accurately.

PROGNOSTICATE, v. To anticipate future conditions, such as concealment, anonymity and unaccountability.


pia said...

Doug that was hilarious and had a moral! Save a great Wednesday one for your fifth year blogeversary week?

TLP said...

Very funny. And good.

For some reason (other than I'm stupid) the word "Prognosticate" always makes me think of a big NOSE.

Doug The Una said...

Can you believe that's coming up, Pia? OK, I have 6 weeks to think of something good.

That is funny, TLP. I think PROGNOSTICATE and PROBOSTICATE must be related.

Anonymous said...

This is just too funny. LOL The moral is perfect. 5 years you've been blogging...WOW


k. riggs gardner said...

Very funny, Thom. And good.

No even better than funny and good.

You're hilarious. And amazing.


k. riggs gardner said...


Jim said...

PROGNOSTICATE is a word I don't ever use but is in my vocabulary. I'm much more comfortable with PREDICT.

PROBOSTICATE is not a word and I wouldn't ave any reason ever to use it if were. I'd be much more comfortable with SNOOP.

k. riggs gardner said...

Jim, You're completely right. I'm hoping everyone agrees.

Cooper said...

Well done Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Thom, this blog will be 5 years old at the end of February.

Karen, you're particularly sunny today, it seems.

Jim, thank you for providing the thesaurus to this here lexicon.

Oh, no doubt, Karen.

Thanks, Coop.

weirsdo said...

Enjoyed that, especially the fortune tellers wiggling.