Thursday, March 12, 2009


DETECTIVE, n.  An official employed by the city and county to detect a crime when one has been committed.

2009 Update:  A peace officer dedicated to the naming of culprits.  A citizen.


pia said...

detective is too loaded these days.

If detective work had been done on Madoff his clients might not be out 65 billion dollars
I am a detective as I find the source of items on my audit

Oh detectives solve crimes against people and name the culprits?

Politics? I used to care about politics? It doesn't take a detective to understand that too care about something so trifling as politics you need both physical time and mental energy

I suspect, but am not a good enough detective to know, that I will have some time in ten days

I'm going for longest comment on WA as I have been too pithy, to most peoples relief, in recent years

Anonymous said...

A detective is a dick. I always giggle when I watch the old Film Noirs and the narrator guy says (essentially) "He was a dick with an attitude."


TLP said...

Are you implying that it's defective to detect crimes? I mean, even if you have to pass a new law in order to detect who broke it? We all want job security these days.

(Note to Jenn: they all have attitudes. But just try to find one with a conscience.)

Jim said...

"I shot the sherijf but I didn't shoot no deputy" (Bob MArley, on the album Burnin' (1973)).

tsduff said...

"Elementary my dear Ambrose"

It's those boys with the Baker Street address.

Ariel the Thief said...

Just what Jenn said. I am told there are decetives in real life too but where are they to Philip Marlowe?

sauerkraut said...

private eyes,
they're watching you,
watching your every move

Anonymous said...

Pinkerton--saved a president

crushed a union


Nessa said...

A citizen is right, Doug. Trust no one, investigate everyone, or lose everything.

actonbell said...

I try to sleep, they're wide awake,
they won't leave me alone.
They don't get paid to take vacations, or let me alone.
They spy on me,
I try to hide, they won't let me alone.
They persecute me, they're the judge and jury all in one.

WAY too many earworms with come with this word, Doug.

the amoeba said...

Fearless Fosdick, anyone? Though Jenn would probably prefer The Bank Dick.

Doug said...

Pia, Pith needs a day off the same as everyone else.

Jenn, I'm sure I don't understand.

TLP, a worthy challenge.

Jim, I thought that was a kindergarten song.

221 B, Terry?

Ariel, inside his desk, behind the whiskey?

Sauerkraut, Hall Oates earworms are punishable by death, castration being accomplished already.

Well, bless their hearts, Bear. Just what we need.

Nessa, is that a new watch?

Apparently, Actonbell.

Amoeba, that's kind of neat. I hadn't heard of Fearless.

weirsdo said...

Link between criminals and the reality shows they spawn.