Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SANDLOTTER, n. A vertebrate mammal holding the political views of Denis Kearney, a notorious demagogue of San Francisco, whose audiences gathered in the open spaces (sandlots) of the town. True to the traditions of his species, this leader of the proletariat was finally bought off by his law-and-order enemies, living prosperously silent and dying impenitently rich. But before his treason he imposed upon California a constitution that was a confection of sin in a diction of solecisms. The similarity between the words "sandlotter" and "sansculotte" is problematically significant, but indubitably suggestive.

2009 Update: A dedicated baseball player, worth every penny.


Nessa said...

A child (or me) on a summer afternoon.

Minka said...

sandlotter, n. water paddling bearlike creature in a fine pair of Jay Crews

the amoeba said...

SANDLOTTER, n. Prehistoric Little Leaguer. A youthful enjoyer of team sports in the years BSM (Before Soccer Moms). Their modern counterparts are now known as "gang members".

the amoeba said...

Denis Kearney, I read, was a bigot who got the California Constitution modified to block the immigration of the Chinese - the Mexicans of the 1880s. He was unable to get a fence built across the Pacific Ocean, and the Federal Courts branded his "confection of sin" unconstitutional.

Tom & Icy said...

Did they have baseball in Ambrose's day? Do dogs poop in the field?

quilly said...

Icy, when I was a kid playing baseball, the line to third base was not straight because a four legged sandlotter left a present just off base. The very best thing was, the kid who forgot about it and slid through it, wasn't me!

actonbell said...

Bierce's definition went over my head; I don't know anything about that. My favorite sandlot has waves-I'm with Nessa.

Anonymous said...

think i prefer a soapbox,gives you a leg up...Peace

Jim said...

Sandlotter, a cat in cat's heaven.

Scarification, (only a half million Google links) I always thought it had to do with seed care (I was in FFA and did weed seed judging in high school).

At my age I can still learn something every day. It does make my brain ache but it's well worth it.

Doug said...

Having woke up at noon, Nessa? We usually hit the sandlots around dawn.

Minka, fashion jokes run generally over my head. I bet that was a knee-slapper, though.

Amoeba, didn't you just know that mothers getting involved in sports would lead to gang activity. I know I always suspected as much.

Right, Amoeba. I think the Workingman's party was his tribe. The party has shrunk a lot since the days the party was the second or third largest in San Francisco and the few remnants left are called "The GOP."

Absolutely, Icy. They even had baseball in Master Tom's day.

Quilly, that is a heart-warming story. Well done.

Actonbell, for good background, check Amoeba's link to his own brain. Ironically, Mr. Kearney was an immigrant himself, but from Ireland where they apparently produce a finer quality coolie.

And something to balance, Bear?

Jim, I enjoy your definition of sandlotter.