Monday, March 30, 2009


RECOMPENSE, n. Ingratitude.

2009 Update: Reward, typically inadequate for virtues such as humility and altruism or theft when demanded for goods and services.  Unsatisfaction.


TLP said...

RECOMPENSE: You'll get yours. (I hope I don't get mine.)

Jim said...

Recompense, wreck um Pence, wreck um! (Here is hoping that this will be a welcomed recompense for your trusting me to write an interesting comment on such an exciting word as recompense on a dull Monday morning.)

pia said...

Recompense: we're all getting some

Tom & Icy said...

Recompense is a meal best served warm. Oh, I get recompensed every day for being born a dog. -Icy

the amoeba said...


1. What the market will bear; in a bear market, barely enough.

2. Rick Wagoner's portion.

sauerkraut said...


Is that like the id to Mick Jagger's ego?

Ariel the Thief said...

Recompense, the next best thing.

Nessa said...

That magic trick where the coin is tied to a string.

Anonymous said...

best i can do is offer a Thank You
for the morning Word.....Peace

weirsdo said...

To pay, or pay back. Confusingly, it does not mean to pay back again, as in to bail out and then bonusify.

Cooper said...

One of my favorite words. One never pays back enough in the eyes of the one owed. Might as well be upfront about it and say it with an accent.

Jamie Dawn said...

I can't think about "recompense" right now, because I'm very worried about where you're going to head with your weekend story. You've got me thinking I'm going to get my Hallmark ending, but then your comment to me on my comment to you has me fearing the worst.
Who knows what horrors await Gretchen and Deitrich?
I don't mind if you give Frau Braun a nasty illness or even have her fall off a cliff or something.


You'll have our version by Thursday night.

Ariel the Thief said...

Yeah, Jamie, chances are Ambrose Bierce will show up unexpectedly, shoot the pigs and take Dietrich with him to Mexico.

actonbell said...

hahaha, Ariel. Happy last day of March, everyone.

Doug said...

TLP, I wish us both the same.

Jim, aren't you retired? Look outside! Look at the begonias! It's still Monday! (Ctsy GGM)

Whether we like it or not, huh, Pia?

Nice, Icy. Good girl!

Amoeba, I'll bear it in mind.

Sauerkraut, I'm pretty sure Brer Jagger has his own id.

To revenge, Ariel?

Nessa, I thought that was theft.

Peace, Bear. And you're welcome.

Well done, Weirsdo.

Exactly, Cooper. Now is the time for a French accent.

JD, I hadn't thought of the cliff. What's at the bottom?

Haha, Ariel. If every Magyar is as clever as you are, I wouldn't want to be Prime Minister, either.

You too, Actonbell. You deserve it.

Minka said...

recompense, n. never heard of it, never used it in a sentence...therefore it is nought!

Doug said...

Am so, Minka!