Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Elf
To hear brother Andy do the reading, come to Wolfshausen.
To read this week's part, join the bald-pated preacher.

This week The Prattler is on vacation in Portland. Um, taking notes.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning !!!!!
in particular
enjoyed paragraph eight ;
so you see my friends..etc
Peace always !!!!!

TLP said...

I'd forgotten how much Andy sounds like you. Good job.

Lovin' this story.

tsduff said...

This is a great chapter! It is fun to hear it read in another shade of Doug... nicely done Andy :)

Loved the line about the prim silence of the farmer's wives... don't know why because it is not flattering at all.

actonbell said...

Good afternoon, and happy Sunday. Very nice reading, and Andy does sound like you. Jeremiah found a good job for a kid who was once considered vermin!

Nessa said...

I like the sentence that ends "...the victim a melody."

Very nice reading by Doug's other brother, Andy.

Got snow?

cooper said...

"At this point he winked at Gretchen,
who laughed and gave her skirt a lift and a spin. This is how many are brought to
The Word."

I thought so.

I read it, so I'm off to hear another shade of Doug. Is that like a whiter shade of pale by any chance?

Doug said...

And also with you, Reverend Bear.

Thanks, TLP, particularly for complimenting my brother's voice.

Terry, that's called Schadenfreude by the prim.

Acolyte is a small step up, isn't it, Actonbell?

Thanks, Nessa. Just had some, thanks.

By every chance, Coop.

Ariel the Thief said...

So, Andy, what does it feel like to be Doug's brother?

quilly said...

I don't think a priest should be IN a general!

Minka said...

Andy's your brother? you guys sound nothing alike...where's his cough? :)

I like Vater Karl, I like to hear a priest in a language I at least understand, let alone comprehend. Al least you can play little game during morning for often does he use the word shoelace in his sermon :)

Here is my question...should a priest be winking in general?

Doug said...

Ariel, I will see that Andy hears of your question. I imagine not too terribly intimidating.

Quilly! (Your comment got a little absurdified when the comment Minka wrote under my ID was moved under her own. But it was a little absurd to begin with.)

Minka, that's funny. A little. *hack*

Ice said...

But sometimes less fun than other times, huh? :-P

Doug said...

Ariel, I'm told, for example, that when it means recording a canto of The Unionville Chronicles, that is more fun than a teil of The Reformation of Wolfshausen.

Ice said...

Must be the lack of tobacco and sombreros.

Jamie Dawn said...

How nice that a few tradesmen took some time off from sin to listen to Vater Karl.
Most of them probably came to see Gretchen's skirt lift and twirl, and if they did that without lusting, then they truly DID take time off from sin!!