Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Dreizehn
To hear Java Jazz, who has a new post up, by the way, tell this story, ask Gretchen to share.

To read this week's part, go to the road and wait for a Samaritan.

This week in The Prattler, The Conservatism of Barack Obama.


Tom & Icy said...

Very pleasant and relaxing voice.

Nessa said...

Very lovely reading. Interesting dating advice, Doug.

Doug said...

Doesn't JJ have a nice voice, Icy? I agree.

Yeah, Nessa. The thought of having an abstinent Priest give dating advice owes something to the Dalai Lama publishing a cookbook.

Jim said...

I like Gretchen's picture blog, she eats better than the Jim Bunch.

I did want to see her in the beer garden working (I didn't know they had those in Canada--we have them in Texas). Perhaps I didn't stay there long enough for the refreshements to come.

actonbell said...

Very nice reading! So, will we find out about the knight later?

Ariel the Thief said...

Java Jazz, you are one of my fave readers! Where did you leave your flute?

javajazz said...

Ariel, me loves you!
thank you,
and you, one of my
fave photographers
and artistic humans!
i left my flute
on the table to hold up
the paper that held
yet another of Doug's
wonderfully inventive stories
so i could see it better.
Thank you Tom, Nessa,
Acton and Doug
for your kind words,
and to Douglas
for including me
in all the fun here...xo

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

tsduff said...

JJ - You are so well-spoken! I'm so impressed - not a slip or a stutter anywhere. Are you part German or what - rolling those difficult names right off your tongue...

Doug, I like this chapter better than any of the rest - except perhaps the one with the delicious looking sausage.

cooper said...

Sometimes people are better at things they they know nothing of than stuff they are authorities on.

Nice go Doug.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done! Applause!!!

I can see where this story might be headed.
It's like a Hallmark or Lifetime move... sorta.

Hobbes said...

Enjoyed your reading and your post, J. J.

Doug said...

Jim, Gretchen's the fiction, JJ's the fact but yeah, she cooks as she lives it seems.

Actonbell, as Ariel pointed out, the knights were in the first paragraph of the story, searching for Martin Luther after he was condemned.

Ariel, I wondered the same but was grateful enough for the reading.

JJ, it's our profit including you.

Howdy, Hapi.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Terry.

True, Cooper, but not as often as they claim to be.

We'll see, Jamie D. Remember who is imagining it, though.

She did well, didn't she, Hobbes?

TLP said...

Very, very lovely voice!

Would you please start feeding that poor boy something other than rodents?

javajazz said...

thank you for kind comments,
Hobbes, JD, TLP, Terry...T, i did
a "little" research, and Doug
kindly sent phonetic assistance,
and then it took about
a week to learn to pronounce
V as F and W as V, etc...
the rolling R's probably come
from my Yiddish background.
sorry about no flute, i just
didnt know any German
cowboy songs this time,
and a drum solo would have
just been in poor taste...
ps: how does Gretchen hold
8 beers with 2 hands..anyone?

Doug said...

TLP, I agree about the voice. A boy will eat what a boy will eat.

I don't know, JJ. Maybe a drum solo for next time? Thank you.

javajazz said...

i guess if it ties in
with the story line, somehow!
thank you, kind Douglas...!

Anonymous said...

6 beers with good hand and 2 with bandaged hand-practice(german pride) or doctored pic...nice read jj

javajazz said...

thanks, Bear!
or 6 beers with
the bandaged hand...
hey, maybe its a special
Beer Support Attachment...
i dont think its doctored...
Gretchen looks like she knows
what she's doing...

Minka said...

What a soothing voice and pace. Beautifuly done, Java Jazz.

I do not find it weird at all that the priest should be big on dating advice: the things you are repressing are the ones you give most head to ;)

Missed your tongue-in-cheek in this episode.

Doug said...

Bear, I had a feeling you could explain it.

JJ, don't doubt the bear.

Interesting, Minka. I didn't notice. I think I like this tribe not sarcastically but too well.