Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Monks at the granary

Once upon a time, the two monks, Abba Abercrombie and Abba Nelson met in front of a granary belonging to a monastery.  Abba Nelson asked his elder "If this granary is full of food and the hungry wait outside the walls, has this monastery not failed in its calling?"

Abba Abercrombie wisely answered, "Not at all, brother.  The people would not stay in the granary nor the grain remain outside the wall."

REDISTRIBUTION, n. The art of making sausage in live casing.


Deb S. said...

This story makes one think. By the way, my friend, stop by my site and pick up an award.

TLP said...

Redistribution: The correction of a statistician's graph of values.

Anonymous said...

pondering,will get back to you after
i find my grange handbook---------
Redistribution: a pocket full of one dollar bills,walking thru the Tenderloin or HellsKitchen...Peace

Robinhood! said...

Steal from the rich, give to the poor.

Tom & Icy said...

Oh, how dumb of me. I thought redistribution was dating an old widow woman from the grannery, you know, like 'get thee to a grannery' kind of place. Well, sorry, my sausage maker is growling so I think I'll go lick some cans -- Icy

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow, Abba Abercrombie, that was smart.

Redistribution, what happens to your body after you die.

the amoeba said...

REDISTRIBUTION, n. The indiscriminate spattering of blood resulting from disputes between those who say "what's yours is mine" and those who say "hell no it ain't."

tsduff said...

Redistribution: What my mother Society Finch is doing with the food in her dish as she feeds her new little chirping babies. Oops, that is Regurgitation. Same difference.

Nessa said...

Redistribution: Plastic surgery.

Doug, I got your definition but I don't get Abercrombie's.

sauerkraut said...

what a volcano does when esploding

Minka said...

redistribution,n. restoring things to the next unworthy owner

I do not get Abercrombie either, but his selection fo flip flops this year is superb.

skywind said...

Oh, wise language. LOL
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Jim said...

Abba A. reminds me of my German engineer friend's remark when I asked him what he thought of our barb wire wall by Mexico? He said it depends on how good the fence is.
Redistribution implies that the first distribution has failed as measured by someone's expectations.

Doug said...

Thank you for thinking of my, Deb. Hope all is well.

That's t-distribution, blogmama.

Yep, Bear. That's the other method.

Steal from 'em or tax 'em or sell 'em a bond, Mr. Locksley.

Mmmm, Icy. Cans.

Ariel, we do get around better when we stop moving, don't we, Ariel.

Amoeba, sharing skin, too.

Very little difference, Terry. Right on.

Nessa, you must be missing the monk's.

That's the third method, Sauerkraut. Spreading the ash around.

Nice definition, Minka.

Thanks, Skywind.

Your German engineer friend sounds like a statistical philosopher, Jim. Too rare a breed in my opinion.

weirsdo said...

Sound and pithy, RBUD.