Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Homeland Security

A long voyage must begin
With a single stride,
A hope, maybe some kind of plan
Bubbling up inside.

But what a trip must never be
If it's to live in memory
Is traveled in security
And every culture's myths agree
It is motion that makes a voyage tick
And danger that makes it epic.

In line under protection of the TSA,
If you're like me, you typically
Pray for death anyway.

RUSH, v.i. To stop and smell the roses by the bouquet.
(pictured, top right: Tali/Sofia, Al, Kenny, Sar, G/Xenou, Chocorekha, and Pia. Bobo and Puppybrose were there but sensitive about their cloven hooves. At left: Still Life!)


mireille said...

Pray for death, indeed. Naw. You have too many people relying on your curmudgeonliness for that ... and now you're transglobal! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rush: Meeting up with old friends, some for the first time, in NY.

Logophile said...

Don't pray for death, please, you strike me as one of those people, if you are going to get a prayer answered, it would be that one, you know, make in the image and all that
Good times?

G said...

Al, I like that one. Good times indeed. I love Still Life's - that's a great picture.

Rush: 1) A group of people whose last name should really have been slug perhaps, but not Rush. 2) going nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

Rush - The thinking man's/woman's rock band.

Anonymous said...

i believe you meant to say "sensitive about their purple-painted cloven hooves", right?

sorry we had to rush, OUT of there before having the chance to be footographed.

lovelovelove StillLife's pic. and loveloveloved meeting you! (your own cloven hooves, notwithstanding. not four standing, either, but that's beside the point...) ; )

Nessa said...

I love the footy picture, preserves the mystery.

People delude themselves if they believe there is security anywhere on this earth.

Rush: To hurry towards a fraternal connection.

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, I've gained, maybe three pounds. Come on!

Al, It was all of that.

Absolutely, Logo. I was pretty sure the eternal youth prayer wasn't the one.

G, that was kind of how we all arrived, wasn't it? Except Mr. "I live three blocks from here."

Joel, I kinda hafta take your word on that.

Neva, "Footagraphed" entered my vocabulary right now.

Nessa, they delude themselves again if they think there's nothing that needs exploding.

tsduff said...

"cloven hooves" is a mighty amazing statement to make when referring to the feeties of your buddies...

Agreed - the foot picture is perfect, and is on its way to becoming an honored and most hallowed tradition...

Sar said...

Here, here Joel! By which I mean, aw shucks. :)

Al, if I may piggyback, er horseyback, your definition...

Rush: The realization that the old friend you're speaking on the phone with is actually standing right next to you.

Great food, great company, and great shoes, Still Life! I'm not sure what was the most fun, but I do know Tali's great company if you're in the mood for french fries or ice cream. *waives - hi Tali!*

Anonymous said...

Wonderful foot picture though I should have pulled a Neva and Joel for that one

Was a great day

I like the TSA. Better than the bozo's who used to do it

Sar said...

Goldennib - preserves the mystery? Almost, my fine fluttering friend, as the truth is now out - the stiletto actually wears.....sneakers!

Jamie Dawn said...

Look at all those blog feet!! That is superb!!!

Please do not pray for death. I know it's an inevitable part of life, but I'd like you to stay with us a bit longer. :-)

Rush: America's most listened to radio talk show host. Love him or hate him, the guy has succeeded in the industry without government or other outside monetary support or special advantages.
He competed. He succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Rush: A comparative term; the speed you achieve when sufficiently alarmed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jamie, before Rush Limbaugh succeeded, he was on welfare. So, yes, he required government subsidy to get to where he is to day...and shows his gratitude by telling others they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they haven't any boots.

The Old Mule said...

rush: to leap while thinking.

Those are some feet. We should chose friends and lovers based solely on feet. haha.

Anonymous said...

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty.

- Imelda Marcos

I had a great time with you Doug. Where did the afternoon go? Hi everyone! *waving*

(TLP = the little bird that told me)

still life

Doug The Una said...

Terry, it's time sneakers got their due. That is my best side.

Sar, that was two rushes in a row for you, wasn't it? And one for us.

OK, Jamie Dawn, I'm good for another little while.

Andrew, it's true that when I rush you still have to put a quarter by my foot to know if I'm moving.

It's a good point, Mule. If we chose by mouths we would all be curmudgeons.

Still Life, I really enjoyed my visit with you which was much too short. Can I always get in with roasted peppers?

Anonymous said...

Rush: the name of my sixth grade teacher, who dubbed me "the actress" and encouraged me to pursue a career on stage. (yeah. that worked out well. thanks Mrs. Rush, for building up my hopes, only to see them dashed to death on the rocks at the bottom of those crummy Hollywood Hills.)

RUSH: the required speed at which one must move, in order to leave a comment before another power hit occurs. also, what one must do, in order to snag one of Tali's french fries before a certain stiletto (who's name shall remain Sar) manages to eat them all herself. *waves* hi Sar! ; )

Ariel the Thief said...

if I prayed for death on a plane, I would ask for all the others to get away and only me to die. I am nice.

people, you have nice feet, Still Life, you have the most elegant high heels! those red soles...

now look what happens when you show feet to Old Mule...

TLP said...

Grrr...the agony of de feet! Now the entire family has met Mikki except ActonBell and me. *sigh* *whimper and whine*

Ya know, I think 3D, Acton, Sar and I started the foot-picture thing when we met in the Intercourse area in Amish Country. Take that!

TLP said...

Rush: A kick, as in I get a kick from champagne. Goes right to my head.

Doug The Una said...

Neva, I tend to think anyone who encourages a child to become an actress should do time.

Thanks, Ariel. You are gracious. I just figure everyone in that line is in the same agony I am.

TLP, and I get a kick out of you. I think you're right about the origin of the footography. And I really recommend the Hajj to Mikki's. She's tough on a bad attitude, though.

Unknown said...

Rush, n. Heading toward death-- but at doubletime.

Minka said...

That is one fab picture, great feet in funky shoes. Sensible,too...if you wnat to take part of an Al tour through downtown Manhattan.

Neva, Joel...I still have purple nail polish on my toes...from the Eurovision party back in May. We so could be related!

rush, New York between 5 and 6 pm?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it. I wass off on my own adventure -- driving a leisurely 95 mph toward home. I did not rush.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you all - sort of.

javajazz said...

i too, love "footography"
but not half as much
as i loved seeing
your better halves
in that gorgeous footo
such distinct personalities.
i can only imagine
how cool
the top halves were!
sounds like it was
a delightful meeting!

Doug The Una said...

a4g, and ending in a tie.

Actonbell, I though you might. I sometimes marvel at what can be built for a woman's foot.

Minka, I think between 6 and 5PM.

Quilly, I sure miss highway 95.

One of these days, Cooper.

JJ, "better halves" made me smile.

javajazz said...

ooh, that's immense progress for lisa..
i think i'm gonna shoot for
all out belly laughs, though,
or is that pushing it?

Anonymous said...

Rush: Surge of jealousy felt by bloggers stuck in Alabama.

Doug The Una said...

OK, JJ but gradually.

Weirsdo, it would have been grand to have you there. If any table called for a violinist it was that one :)