Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Cyclops Steps Up

Episode 36 of 40 in The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic.

To hear the story, go on.  Grab the cane.

This week, in The Prattler,
"The Ron Paul Inaugural." 

To read the story, try riding a sheep from the underside.  It might help.


TLP said...

First! Dadnabit.

TLP said...

That Polyphemus! Kinda sticks in your craw, huh? Or maybe I'd get stuck in his craw.

Good reading. Again.

Nessa said...

Throat or ravine, both excellent places from which complaints may issue forth.

Anonymous said...

WOW. that was some good reading... that's what that was. Grand edition to this seemingly endless (kidding) saga, too!

Polyphemus gave new meaning to the term "being caned". i'd have said "revenge may be best when served up cold, but then it's sure to stick in your craw" ("Not the craw, the Craw"... remember that from Get Smart? or am i the only one dopey enough to admit such a thing??). uh, where was i before falling through the abyss of my own ADD? oh yeah, i'd have used it, but then the very clever TLP beat me to the "craw" punch line. that TLP... ; )

tsduff said...

Stuck in his crow? OH, you said craw. I get it. Even the earth has a throat, with which to make trouble for a big troublemaker.

Always nice when I don't have to wrack my brain to figure out who the most esteemed reader is.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, you wouldn't want to fall in on top of him, I don't think.

Nessa, and TV and the playroom.

Thanks, Neva. Our warranty: Every edition an addition. Of course I remember "The craw!" That was one of my favorite shows and Barbara Feldon, my model.

Terry, the Cawing gets confusing, doesn't it?

tsduff said...

Doug - Barbara Feldon was your model? Hmmmmm - I'd like to see those results... ha ha ha ha ha was it her hair or her attire?

tsduff said...

Or the "old poisonous lips trick?"

Jamie Dawn said...

Did you take lessons to sound like a cyclops?
Or maybe you know a cyclops and just mimicked him.
Do cyclopses like cornbread?
I'm making some and was just wondering.
My son has been badgering me to watch the movie 300 with him. I did, and it is really good. They made Xerxes look really cool in a weird kind of way.
This is episode 36 of 40 which means the grand finale isn't far off. I'm hoping there will be a hint of nudity again before this thing wraps up. Or was the cyclops naked, and you just didn't mention it??

Ho-hum, I'm done talking now.

Kyahgirl said...

Jamie Dawn, if you were one of those unlucky guys looking up the cyclops' skirt, I bet you'd get more nudity than you bargained for! Who knew such a sweet, cornbread cooking mama could be such a perv? Kidding :-)

great story as always Doug.

G said...

The story is building to its natural conclusion - natural for Diogenes that is.

Good work on the writing and the reading.

I'm falling aslee so g'night.

Doug The Una said...

Cheekbones, Terry.

MM, jamie Dawn, cyclopses like cornbread. Lacking depth perception, though, they sometimes miss their mouths.

Thanks, Kyah. But at least Jamie Dawn doesn't take her sweet little children fishing and then show up in LA in a cat suit.

G, "natural for Diogenes" is a funny line. Hope you slept well.

Nessa said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

Tom & Icy said...

There was a bob-tailed cat that we thought had only one eye until we realized it was walking backwards.

Lila said...

Jamie Dawn asks valid questions.

You're the master, Doug.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Oh boy--the only thing more destructive than a bull in a china shop is certainly a blind pissed-off giant.
Since I'm such a horrid blogfriend, not consistent with when I drop in, is there any place that I can read the story so far?
Also, since the Cheesemeister has gone underground, would you mind linking to Lily Strange?
I may have forgotten to give you the Cheesemeister's new home--if so, my bad. I had problems with a troll, so I had to move. Or you can always visit me here at Creative Crabbing.

TLP said...

Sleepin' in again?

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, I'm game.

Nyuck, nyuck, Icy. Good girl!

Aral, those were excellent questions. History turns on less. A true, or at least historical, story about the actual Diogenes: He was captured and sold into slavery. When asked what his training was in, he answered "I am a master of men. He who would purchase for himself a ruler should buy me."

Lily, I'll be glad to.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, and Cheesemeister: If you really want to catch up on Diogenes, all the Saturday posts are collected on Doug Drones On or you can wait. When it's all over, I'll put a pdf online of the whole story. Don't do it out of guilt, though. I'm a mediocre and worsening blogfriend myself.

Minka said...

That is the perfect voice for a cyclops.

clops (or klops) is the German word for meat ball. I rest my case!


*falls into gullet*

Doug The Una said...

Minka, let me throw you a rope. What? "Rope" in German is coconut cream pie?

Minka said...

You always have a witty way of coming back! I love that!