Friday, September 14, 2007


PRECIPITATE, adj.  Anteprandial.

Precipitate in all, this sinner
Took action first, and then his dinner.

2007 Update:  n.  The solids that emerge from a liquid, such as lees in wine, accusations in a cloud or pretense in a cup of tea.

And Happy Birthday to the magnificent Jamie Dawn, almond queen!


Anonymous said...

precipitate - Squeezing all the water out of a situation in order to drown all hope of success.

I guess I'm a little down this morning :-)

Sar said...

I'm about to indulge in my morning coffee and The Daily Show which will precipitate much laughter.

Unless of course I try to drink coffee and laugh at the same time. That would precipate coffee up my nose and in my lap. Then again, that would precipitate much laughter just not necessarily my own.

Happy Friday All!

I Dive At Night said...

Precipitate: The little white flecks in your thawed milk if you try to store it in the freezer.

Precipitate: The little white flecks that fall from the sky when outside is as cold as a freezer.

TLP said...

I'm too supersaturated to comment.

tsduff said...

Precipitate: verb
1. To throw from or as if from a great height; hurl downward:

"The dinky twig upon which she rested snapped, and precipitated her wildly flapping form into the yawning black void"

Tom & Icy said...

There's slimy, gooky stuff in my eyes of a morning.

Anonymous said...

"...pretense in a cup of tea"?? whoa. glad someone's able to squeeze grandilquent-sounding creativity out of his/her brain on this dreary Friday morning, 'cuz i sure as hell, can't.

(don't mind me, apparently i'm cranky today. not sure what precipitated the mood and/or this comment, not sure i care and/or need to know.) ; )

Ariel the Thief said...

Precipitate, the lesson left over when the pain had gone. Usually thrown out with trash.

Anonymous said...

Now that I live in Hawaii, I will have to change my definition of precipitate. Yesterday rain filled the air, but never seemed to fall. It was perfectly warm, the sun was shining, the sky was blue -- yet it was a 100% humidity day. Swimming was possible on both sides of the shore line.

javajazz said...

i'm not making any water jokes,
just stopped in to say
i wont say may this precipitate
a jolly good weekend for you,
i wont say i used to have more
precipitation in my hair until
Mother Nature sucked the life
out of it,
i wont say clouds precipitate
precipitation because sometimes,
they just dont.

Ariel the Thief said...

Jamie, you're an almond queen indeed. Happy Birthday!

Jamie Dawn said...

These precipitate the devouring of a chocolate truffle:

1. Intense craving
2. Sweat beads form on the forehead
3. Palms become sweaty
4. A truffle is taken from the package
5. Sigh of relief at the sight of it
***The truffle is thoroughly enjoyed***
Uh- Oh!
The need for a second one develops
***I do not deny myself a second truffle
All is well.

Jamie Dawn said...

I am OLD as the Arkansas hills today.
And THAT is VERY old!!

tsduff said...

Jamie Dawn, may truffles precipitate from the Arkansas skies and land in your mouth today on your happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday, to a true original and all 'round lovely gal, Jamie Dawn! hope this day is filled with (almond) joy(s) and, of course, copious amounts of chocolate truffles. ; )

Kyahgirl said...

good chemistry word Doug!

Jamie Dawn, may little treasures (and almonds) precipitate around you from the warm sea of regard at Waking Ambrose! Happy Birthday.

Nessa said...

This is a hard word and it makes my brain feel like the gray matter has separated from cerebrospinal fluid and I haven't had my dinner yet.

mireille said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Reine D'Amande!!! xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Sorry, Poobah. Misplace your salt?

Sar, be careful. You don't want to smell like Hazelnut all day.

Both good examples, Morgan. No sign of either around here.

TLP, remember to hydrate.

Terry, that happens all the time on the Tyrian plains.

Icy, another very pretty example.

Neva, the secret is sounding grandiloquent.

Ariel, I wish I'd written that instead.

JJ, good for your circumspection.

Ariel, she is indeed. Unless she's the Almond Princess.

All is well, Jamie Dawn. You looked 30 in July. Of course, I don't know what might have happened to you since then.

Amen, Terry and Neva.

Right, Kyah! So whatcha got? I'm a little surprised we didn't get "If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate" today.

Nessa, dinner helps me, when I feel that way.

Merci, Mireille.

Anonymous said...

I know I've been boring lately, but skipping me was just rude.

Doug The Una said...

Sorry, Quilly. It isn't you, it's me.

I meant to say, ya ya ya I live in freaking paradise blah. I miss rain. Oh, how I miss rain.