Tuesday, September 04, 2007


PRIVATION, n.  Having nothing to grumble at.

2007 Update:  An abundance of vegetables.


Anonymous said...

privation - A nation wherein no one uses indoor plumbing, only outdoor privvys.

Anonymous said...

Privation: de river dat runs dry.

Miz BoheMia said...

Well, if your privation is, in actual fact, the case, then Ambrose Bierce is right as far as food is concerned. Otherwise, the dude is WRONG! What would a bohemian do with nothing to grumble at?


I Dive At Night said...

I choose to deprive you of my definition for privation. Therein making this a privation.

Although I don't believe you are in any state of definition privation.

G said...

Privation without representation - what a world.

TLP said...

Today is my day to volunteer at Food Pantry. I'm sorry to tell you that fresh vegetables and fruits are rarely on the plates of the poor. We give out a lot of starch and canned stuff.(Rice, canned beans,dry cereal, etc.)

Privation: nutritional deprivation. LACK of an abundance of food of any kind. Been there, done that as a child, no desire to go back.

DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL FOOD BANK OR PANTRY TODAY! (Sorry for the advert. Had to do it. I'd be depriving myself of a good opportunity otherwise.)

Mutha said...

Doug -- I worry about your fiber intake.

I didn't have a clue about this word -- so I looked it up and apparently "Privation" in Norwegian is "fattigdom." This makes me think of fatigue-dom: a general state of exhaustion -- which sums me up the on this first work day back after the Labor Day weekend. There is something about turning the corner of September that always sucks a little bit of the life out of me..


Unknown said...

Douglas, if we eat our veggies then we can't grumble, because we're not supposed to talk with our mouths full

lkdly: licked the lily

Doug The Una said...

Poobah, I started out thinking about privets and privacy but had every confidence you'd be around with a pun.

Neva, you don't miss your water 'til your well rope's dry.

Miz B, the creativity of Bohemian grumblers, I've learned not to underestimate.

Morgan, thanks for the perfect example. And you're right, if definitions were tea, I'd have to go real bad.

G, speaking of tea.

TLP, that's a good advert. I remember hunger sadly, if distantly.

Mutha, a personality like mine is usually explained just so.

Karma, you assume I chew. Is "whack the illy" a phrase that made it into Indian English?

Anonymous said...

PRIVATION, n. When the likes of the National Enquirer and your nosy Aunt Mabel are banned from your house. May peace be upon you ...

Anonymous said...

Good on you TLP. From those of us whose memories of hunger are not all that distant. Not to mention those who don't have to rely on memory.

Jamie Dawn said...

As in deprivation??
I don't lack much, and for that I'm grateful.
It's too bad that I have such easy access to food.
Well, certain foods...
I need to have access to only fresh fruits and veggies for about a month or so. It would reduce the size of my bohunkus considerably.

Anonymous said...

Currently I am suffering a privation of privation -- for which I am very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Privation: naughts in one's stomach.

BRAVO, TLP!! way to remind us to put our money (and donations) where someone else's mouth is! ; )

Jim said...

Privation: Doesn't rhyme with deprivation!

Privation: Busted from corporal-ation.

Privation: Deprivation, well, depriived (privatio).

The Old Mule said...

privation: "She took me off of pork chop, and put me on the pinto beans..."

- Sleepy John Estes

Minka said...

I love Ambrose's definition!

privation,n. a freezer full of ice

privation,n. when your stomach thinks your throat's been cut off

Anonymous said...

Dr. Weirsdo couldn't agree more, Doug.

Tom & Icy said...

Privation, digging up the bones.

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, there are my privets.

Jamie Dawn, why deprive the noble bohonkus? I ask you. There, there. Have a truffle.

Quilly, mangia.

Neva, ingenious! That's just first-rate punnin'

Like a grape, Actonbell? How do hops grow?

Jim, it's the unelevation?

Hey, Mule. I wonder where my Sleepy John cassette wound up. I bet she took that too.

Minka, when does your ice garden harvest?

Weirsdo, it's nice to be as wise as a man with a PhD.

The step before glory, Icy?

tsduff said...

Throw in a few In and Out burgers and your privation will come to an end.