Friday, September 07, 2007


PASTIME, n. A device for promoting dejection. Gentle exercise for intellectual debility.

2007 Update:  Job.


Anonymous said...

passtime - Shown on a clock that runs backward.

Anonymous said...

Pastime: None, moreso than baseball, passes more time with less actual doing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Somebody here need a blogcation? Or don't they make employees the way they used to? ;)

TLP said...

It's past time to be first here.

Time passes faster and faster as you age.

G said...

Well under your definition, I am back to my pastime today. I think I need to work on a new one.

"One of America's great national pastimes is cutting the grass"

The Byrds

I'll let you fill in the next line as I'm not sure if it would be considered PG.

Unknown said...

this place is a fine one

Anonymous said...

pastime n. resume writing; job hunting; cussing (not necessarily in that order)

Cooper said...

before I answer I just need to post this...I'm 8th.

Doug The Una said...

And is still right, twice a day, Poobah.

Al, any sport Terry Pendleton and David Wells could get paid millions to play is alright in my book, too.

Amoeba, the only vacation that makes grouchy bosses gentle is the last, long one.

TLP, I know. Seems like years since you left that comment.

G, did have to do with sandals of brass?

Thanks, Karma. Keep me in your hobby book.

Quilly, here's free advice: The cussing goes at the screen, not the keyboard, when you're writing a resumé.

Cooper, if anyone asks me how to prepare to start a blog, my advice will be: Get fat first. You ok, though?

Jim said...

Pastime: Well, that's better than 'passed time'

Pastime: Why don't they say 'pass-time?"

Pastime: For sure it helps to pass the time away! But is that good?

Pastime: Rhymes with class time.

Ariel the Thief said...

"I think we all need to get another pastime, this one is ruining our lives and in my case will one day will be the cause of a very large ass." (Cooper)

what's left to say?

Anonymous said...

Pastime: to while away the hours, contemplating flowers... blogs, and/or our own very large asses. ; )

Jamie Dawn said...

Pastime: Something that happened before now.

Your response comment yesterday brought back a funny memory. Years ago, a skit was done in our church. The setting was a wedding. Here's how the dialogue went:

Minister: For richer or for poorer.
Bride: RICHER!
Minister: In sickness or in health.

It was as if the minister was offering the bride choices. It may not seem funny reading it here, but it was quite humorous at the time.

Nessa said...

Pas Time: Whatever happened before time began.

Nessa said...


Pas Time: Time for ballet.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I want to spell it pass-time, too. It also rhymes with last spine, bass rhyme and class mime. I have to remember class mime. I bet someone will one day make a good joke out of that.

Ariel, "What's left to say?" What can I add?

Neva, those are fine examples. Contemplating flowers is also a good way to make honey, if that's your trade.

Hi, Mike. There is no person behind the blog. But, welcome.

Jamie Dawn, that was funny. I wish more people knew there's that kind of humor in church. I also wish there was more of it. I'm not good at pious disapproval. Kind of kept me out of seminary.

Nessa, Pas time is a pun I hadn't thought of. Good first position.

Anonymous said...

loving Nessa's clever play on words. ; )

Faux Pas-time: taking the wrong vacation?

Lila said...

I'm so sad that blogging has become my pastime... *sigh*

Tom & Icy said...

pastime, waiting

I Dive At Night said...

Pass-time? I thought it was a contraction of pause-time.

Pastime: Those activites that pause all brain functions related to time.

This is how you end up staring at a computer at 2:30am when you intended to go to bed early.

Anonymous said...

This made me think of my students who got confused among "pastime," "passed time," and "past time." Ironically, most things referred to as "pastimes" seem passe (don't know how to do accent aigu on the comments), and therefore "past," such as jigsaw puzzles, reading and perhaps even baseball.

Doug The Una said...

Neva, happens all the time, doesn't it?

Aral, we're happy when you're nostalgic.

Icy, you need a game boy.

Morgan, I can't remember the last time I saw 2:30. My pause must be stuck.

Weirsdo, at 19 I'm not sure I knew the difference either. On your Mac, you do the accent aigu by holding down "option" and hitting "e" before typing the accented letter. I never have found the accents grave or circonflex but, luckily, don't speak French.

The OE said...

Pastime: Sister of Padme, former Queen of Naboo and wife of the infamous Darth Vader.

Doug The Una said...

OE, now I know who got the good lines.