Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Surveyor Looks Back

Episode 39 of 40 (plus an epilog) in The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic.

To hear the story, come just a little ways out of Tyre

Measure thoughtfully.

The Surveyor's Song


Minka said...

a wonderful weekend to all...I have to run and will be back, but I sorta needed to be first!

*avoids evil glances superbly*

Anonymous said...

that surveyor's song suits me just fine...

not sure who to applaud first, YOU for this wonderful edition and/or reading -- and song (wow), or Monika for her ability to be #1 this morning, even as she cleverly manages to dodge my (decidedly not) evil glance!

guess i'll just clap wildly for one and/or all! (but no whistling, because, well, i don't know how) ; )

(seriously, this was a most excellent edition, Doug -- altho' i was more than a little depressed by the fact the recording cut off at "longitude", and i had to "interpret" the rest of the tale on my own.)

Anonymous said...

Sand: headgear.

TLP said...

Great song and singing. Good job all around.

Sand is a poor base and mostly infertile. But you built a fine (but not grainy) tale on it.

Anonymous said...

Sand gets in all the nooks and crannies.

Also throwing in my kudos on the great song and story.

tsduff said...

You measured your legs? Oh, LENGTHS Good heavens, you sang in such a low key I had to listen several times to hear it. You've got sand to sing such a long song to everyone... bravo. Oh yeah I forgot, beagles aren't shy about their beautiful singing voices.

SAND: Chutzpah

Chutzpah is also similar in meaning to the term "bravura" in music, and the former may be a better term to describe certain forms of musical audacity.

TLP said...

Huh! People should get over here and listen to you sing. Ya coulda been on American Idol.

Anonymous said...

SAND n. Hawaii, decomposed -- and the rest of us, for that matter. Ashes to ashes ....

Unknown said...

Hopefully being a surveyor is like being a healthcare professional--you can always find a job. Sounds like he's got work lined up whatever may happen!
I rather like the surveyor. He's one of those secondary or even tertiary characters that somehow makes you wonder about him. He is interesting in his utter ordinariness. There is something about him that makes me wonder what lies beneath the surface of this commonplace man.

Lila said...

Awesome job, bro! Great song... in fine form and voice. Bravo!

Jamie Dawn said...

Me thinks the surveyor just might be the honest man whom Diogenes has been looking for all along.
Of course, Diogenes will be too distracted to realize that. He'll most likely be admiring a thistle or a clump of roots.

Episode 40 is next weekend!!!
Will you be hosting a party for the premiere of the final installment???
I'll bring a robe for Digoenes and some chocolate truffles & almonds for everyone.
This week is gonna go by slowly; I just know it!

What WILL you do on the weekends after that???
Oh, my mind is reeeeeling.
Maybe some more autobiographical tales or perhaps haikus or yarns in Pig Latin??!!!
I'll never get to sleep now!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that was honest work.

Neva, this morning's post was a technical nightmare with the audio for some reason. I hope you got to hear everything at last or read it or were spared from boredom or something. Clever definition, Ms. Pup.

Thanks, Actonbell. Bowwowwow.

TLP, a poor base and infertility are all my virtues.

Thanks, Jenn. Next time I'm at the beach I'll wear an extra cranny as a decoy.

Terry, that was a key?

Hahaha, TLP. You just betcha. What was the name of that little guy with the hair?

Funk to funky, Quill.

Thanks, Lily. I've always been fond of tertiary characters, too.

Thanks, AP3.

Jamie Dawn, you get an A+ in this class. There's an epilog so, we have two more weeks of this story. Then I don't know but pig latin sounds classical!

tsduff said...

As the artist, you tell me. Correct me if I'm wrong. And besides, you missed my whole point. The definition was sand.

Doug The Una said...

Sorry, Terry. Courage is a matter of letting the grains of wisdom run out like sand through an hourglass. I expect beagles don't hear themselves but the scamper of rodents and the call of the crow.

Jim said...

That's a wonderful song. I may have to go back and do them all?
At least to see what I missed out on.
BTW, my life suits me just fine. If there wasn't a tomorrow for me I have done everything now that I need to have done.

Ariel the Thief said...

Jim, you are a happy person!

I don't have the time to read the story but I did listen to the singing, and I have set up a campfire.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jim. Songs are a form of silliness rarer here than the others. Well done on that whole life thing.

Ariel, No greater ambition have I than to sing while a hot dog roasts.

Jim said...

Thanks, Doug. Thanks for the visit too.
See my Monday's post ( for more. It is Drummond Castle outside of Crieff, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Well I've come down from the apple orchards in time to hear this fine installment. I think I may be featuring you on a Saturday Spin soon.

Well done, all around. Now pass me one of those weenies, Ariel.

Cooper said...

Superbly done and well sung.

I'm jealous of the song. The fable, which this week ends with sand and will in coming weeks end - what will I do on late Sunday nights or early Monday mornings in the future?

Anonymous said...

Great installment, and well read. As for the song: well, such talent lies beneath all that sand!

Thanks, Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I'll look for it. Walmart's swell but castles of stone are cooler.

Ah ha, G. It was apple weekend, was it?

Thanks, Cooper. Maybe we should have Trivial Pursuit ready?

Well, Al, the sand's packed in pretty tight,

Minka said...

Told ye, I'll be back...two days what?
If you think too much sand has passed, turn the hour-glass around! I do it all the time:)

"A man is just what he is, though his circumstances change. The land is always what it is, ragradless of circumstances."

I seriously hope that one fine day,w hen I am googling for quotes...I'll find yours somewhere mixed in between!

My favourite line: "An idea had come upon him so suddenly it had to have been inspired!"

I have to second Jamie Dawn...we might just have found our honest person! Trouble have to measure stuff in daylight, Diogenes wonders by night talking to his thorn. I hope the two of them get a chance to meet:)

So, you decided not to prattle? If I would have been a better blogger of late, I'd give you crap about it :)

Doug The Una said...

Minka, you can give me crap about it anyway. You have a cantankerousness license.