Thursday, November 29, 2007


EXONERATE, v.t. To show that from a series of vices and crimes some particular crime or vice was accidentally omitted.

2007 Update:  To restore the accused to suspicion.


The Old Mule said...

exonerate: to rise above one's raising.

Minka said...

exonerate, v.t. to give "the dark side" a second chance, time to improve and create a committee.

Anonymous said...

exonerate - The verdict always passed down in a gas price gouging suit against Exxon.

Anonymous said...

Exonerate: act of indebtion.

yes yes... another made up word. sue me. ; )

G said...

Excellent update! What can I come up with, not much.

Exonerate: putting the dust back on the hotseat.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yours is so good today!
It's true that when someone is accused then exonerated, they never really get thought of as innocent.
There's always that lingering... what if...
Kind of like OJ and those two murders he didn't do.
(I'm arresting him along with the spammers.)

exonerated: out from under the hammer

After one is exonerated, there's always a letdown sweat.

Doug The Una said...

Born to crime, exonerated to conspiracy Mule? "Don't get above your raising" is some of the best advice I ever got as a child. Success causes ulcers.

Minka, committees sure are civil trials, anyway.

Poobah, I hate when they make me buy gas.

Neva, I wouldn't sue you. Maybe incourterate you.

Ha, g. Instead of ashes?

JD, I've heard of letdown sweat.

Anonymous said...

EXXONERATE, v. t. See Gulf Wars, both of 'em.

TLP said...

Ex-one-rate: Clear off one rate in order to raise the price. Also see current gas prices.

Anonymous said...

Can't top Amoeba. Ain't gonna try. Crawling back to my sick bed.

tsduff said...

exonerated: When your brother confesses to stealing the


35 years after you were found guilty by parents and siblings...

mireille said...

So. If somebody is onerous and someone reforms them, s/he's ex-onerated. xoxo Also, I'm glad to se tsduff isn't bitter.

Anonymous said...

This is a test of the new Google Exclusion System, in which people without Google accounts (or perhaps Google blogs) can no longer comment on blogspot blogs. Except anonymously, or without linking to their own sites.

I'm not sure I can exonerate Google for looking more like Microsoft with every passing day.

Cooper said...

I'm not in a mood for exoneration.
The post below is the second one in a row in which a comment which I saw go through disappeared.

I will not exonerate blogger.

I will only post with my blogger name to assure this gets through.

Nice words.

The OE said...

Exonerate: To put a large environmental disaster, such as an oil slick, upon a location typically of significant natural beauty

Doug The Una said...

Blood for oil, eh, Amoeba? Makes sense. My pickup sputters when I fill it with blood.

TLP, is Pretorate a verb?

Feel better, Quilly.

Terry, my brother, playing geography on a long trip in Central Illinois at around age 5 swore that "Katy" was so a place. He said he'd even been there. He was vilified, accused, mocked and made fun of. A decade later when some little girl fell into a well in Katy, Texas I showed him the newspaper and he threw both hands in the air and declared "I win!"

Mireille, who is more forgiving of sin than a carrion hunter?

Amoeba, this is appalling. No fair.

Cooper, I remember your comment from yesterday. It's gone? Evil is afoot.

OE, I see you're doubling the x, too.