Thursday, November 01, 2007


LAST, n.  A shoemaker's implement, named by a frowning Providence as opportunity to the maker of puns.

Ah, punster, would my lot were cast,
Where the cobbler is unknown,
So that I might forget his last
And hear your own.
—Gargo Repsky

2007 Update: In loaves and lives, a heel.

The last shall be first and the first shall last
So we were taught to believe in the past
But latter observers, coming to their senses,
Find cause to be cautious toward future tenses.



Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Lila said...

This is your last "rabbit, rabbit" in your 30s.

Anonymous said...

rabbit rabbit

Wait I thought your last birthday was....

You were my last commenter last night and the first to make me feel totally guilty

Thanks Doug :) Almost wrote, "that Doug, such a card." Don't know where I got that last word/

Anonymous said...

I agree. Last=loser. Unless you're laughing.

G said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Oh, it's your birthday month too.

The last shall be first
And the first shall be last
In my house, if you wanted dinner
you'd better get there fast.

Things are a bit more leisurely as an adult, thankfully.

Unknown said...

i didn't understand all the cobbler talk - all i know is my previous boyfriend, he was a real last

sasaa, sasaa!

ckqlx: plural of check, only sexier

Minka said...

last,adj: a condition desired by lovers, hated by masked beauties and ignored by crystal-ball gazing illusionists

javajazz said...

ynnub ynnub, young puppy...

some shoemakers
have made a lasting impression
upon my feet...

and lastly, i've often associated
being last with
being polite...
or chicken,
depending upon
what i dont mind
waiting for...

Mutha said...

To last: to endure, although somwhat more sexy.

Jamie Dawn said...

ap3 let the turkey out of the bag, and told us this is your birthday month. She did not tell us the day though. I hope you will.

I WISH my truffles melting in my mouth would LAST and LAST and LAST. Too soon they are gone and I am forced to have another.

Anonymous said...

Last: my status, were I running in this week's New York Marathon. (I'm not, but don't think I don't plan to... some day)

Last: rotten egg?

last, but not least, Rabbit, Rabbit! ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm the last one to know anything so I feel very much a part of the in crowd to know that November is your birthday month. Score!

Oh and rabbit rabbit.

Doug The Una said...

Rabbit rabbit, Sis. True, and thanks for pointing that out.

Pia, I really like the word "card" for an obnoxious jokester and I'm flattered. I'm sure there's nothing to feel guilty over.

Brittney, what can you buy with the best laugh?

G, that's because it's your husband cooking.

Karma, explain "Sasaa" My Maharastran is mediocre at best.

Minka, you know these people?

JJ, I do the same thing. The epitomes of manners is letting others come first and I really throw the old elbow to get to the back of the line.

Mutha, there's just nothing sexier than hanging on forever, is there?

Jamie Dawn, as much as I adore extra attention paid to me, it's enough for me that you want to know my birthday. You deserve another handful of truffles.

Neva, you rotten egg, it's good to see you.

One more point yours, Jenn. Rabbit rabbit.

TLP said...

Oh, Neva! Yes! That is what we used to say: "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

Nothing lasts.

Anonymous said...

Respect, Dog.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of meeting well-heeled gents in dark alleys. It could be the last thing you ever see.

The Q has a colleague who is in the same birthday boat as yourself. Said colleague, I hear, is surrounded by folk who have long since crossed this particular Rubicon and have, as a consequence, experienced a major decline. Mostly, in sympathy and compassion for the plight of others. Just sayin' ...

Minka said...

Doug, I live in Iceland...and know these people and their uncles! :)

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit!

Matt.20:16 is a very special favorite of mine. Thanks.

Jamie Dawn, I know the date (*dances around annoyingly*) I know the date~~

G said...

Hey, doesn't setting a table count for anything these days?!

Anonymous said...

LAST n. The Energizer Bunny?

Anonymous said...

Alice in Wonderland loves Rabbit Rabbit's. ;0

I fear I will not be last today.

Happy Birthday month.

Scorpio or Sagittarius?

Never heard of that shoemaker thing. Please tell me they don't still use them in California?

Doug The Una said...

TLP, that was still around when I was young. Things last a little while.

Brittney, that's getting cheaper, then.

So, Amoeba, is your prediction that I'll be nice when I'm 40?

Minka, I believe that.

Terry, many are called but few are chosen.

Actonbell there are many last words in parables.

Actually, G, I don't really know.

Quilly, I have no doubt. Ads are like roaches.

Scorpio, Cooper, and I've been wearing the same sneakers for three years so I really have no idea.

Ariel the Thief said...

Those four lines show very nicely
how Iscariot was going to get in trouble. :-)

Last, after which there is no more.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Doug The Una said...

I agree ariel. It's poetry more than silver, that makes men disobedient.