Monday, February 11, 2008


PITIFUL, adj. The state of an enemy or opponent after an imaginary encounter with oneself.

2008 Update: Victorious, politically.


Anonymous said...

I know somebody else is leaving a comment now so I won't have that first person pitiful pressure

Hey, Obama isn't pitiful. Hilary's pitifully changing her campaign manager not realizing the damage's been done

She's been a pitiful shell of a Senator who has been running for president since the first day she began her campaign for senate

tsduff said...

Pitiful: The look you receive from the pups at the pound as you stroll down the cement walkway between the cages.

G said...

Ah Pia was here and didn't leave a reference to him, so I will:

"I lay my head on the railrod track
And wait for the double-E
But the railroad don't run here no more
Poor, poor pitiful me"

G said...

Terry, there's a new commercial with just that and the cutest pup being passed by. It's for one of the dog foods that donates money towards such animals. Tali and I want to adopt him.

Anonymous said...

PITIFUL adj. Me, in the grip of whatever allergen is trying to run me out of Hawaii!

tsduff said...

G - watch out - if you and Tali watch those ads one more time, you will become pitiful too.

Anonymous said...

Pitiful: pretty near any speech given by Mitt Romney.

oh, and what pia wrote. Pitiful: the HRC ironpantsuits worn while losing to Obama in Maine.


Anonymous said...

Pitiful - how one feels with a hangover. oosh. Thankfully that was yesterday and not today. Today is Monday and would be pitifully worse with a hangover.

Anonymous said...

PITIFUL: rhymes with pit bull. See VICK, MICHAEL.

TLP said...

First thing that came to my mind was Linda Ronstadt's version of Poor, poor pitiful me.

Why? I don't know, because I am typing while hanging on to the phone waiting for Verizon to connect me to a human being. A heavily accented voice occasionally reassures me that "we are watching to connect you...." I think he/she (can't tell) is saying watching. One thing I can understand is the time I may have to wait: it never changes. It continues to be "20 minutes." Never mind that the pitiful person that I am has been waiting for longer than that.

Ariel the Thief said...

Pitiful, a dwarf playing giant.

G, good lyrics!

Jamie Dawn said...

Pitiful: The look the neighbor's doggie gives me when he comes to the back door and I don't let him in. Of course, I always give in because that doggie owns me. It's pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Pitiful...don't get me started.

Minka said...

pitiful,adj. reality in comparision to our imagination

Cooper said...

Most politicians are pitiful, Rush Limbaugh is pitiful, as are all the male assholes on MSNBC, though non are

I'd rather be anything but pitiful.
Except Republican.

Lila said...

Pitiful... What AP3 has been ever since Super Bowl XLII.

Doug The Una said...

Political Pia? Is that you?

And perfected by the beagle in the last cage, Terry.

g, didn't you all just get a dog?

Quilly, it might be the Dutch Schooner orchid. I hear they're deadly.

Terry, it happens to the best of us.

Sauerkraut, meow indeed. But a cat can't be pitiful.

Jenn, Monday with a hangover would drive someone to drink.

OK, Amoeba. When are visiting hours?

TLP, I will always love her. I'm goin' back some day...

Ariel, how about a giant playing dwarf?

JD, dogs are theopathists.

Mo'a, I'll try not to.

Great link, Actonbell. I hate that other song. Is that Weird Al? With short hair?

Minka, good reason to stay in, huh?

Cooper, the pity of friends is a better poison than heroin, I bet.

Sis, you're trying to ruin my fun.

tsduff said...

Actonbell - Weird Al sure has changed... HILARIOUS video = bravo. Doug - you never ever miss a beat.

Ariel the Thief said...

Actonbell, that video is hilarious. I've never seen Weird Al before. The guy has a pretty good voice, anyway.

Jim said...

Pitiful: Adi was pitiful today. I'll put this on again tomorrow, earlier.
She had a tumor removed from her leg and now is wearing a halo for ten days so she won't bother her stitches.

Pitiful: I was pitiful today also, getting Adi taken care of.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, the secret to satire its iming.

Ariel, Weird Al has had a long career going back to when Actonbell and I were in High School. If you can't find 20 hilarious videos of his on You Tube, I miss my guess. In the 80s he made his career by mocking Michael Jackson and never missing a beat.

Jim sorry to hear. Willie has been under the knife twice and I was a sorrowful curmudgeon then, too.