Tuesday, February 12, 2008


PRODUCTIVE, adj.  A tramp's blanket.

2008 Update:  Silent, serious and still, as described with global authority by successful managers, wolves and worms.


tsduff said...

I shall be productive today and stay away from blogs at work. (I'm not at work yet, really)

I think Bierce's definition today can't be improved upon. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know--that first part of Doug's definition and wolves and worms are pretty good

How can I be productive when I have an apartment to sell?

Had to ban myself from NY real estate blogs--depressing and addicting and totally not productive

And since when did we (enmasse) begin to run to blogs for everything?

Anonymous said...

Productive: In favor of duck tape addiction. You can make prom dresses outta that stuff, ya know?

Ariel the Thief said...

Productive, Bob Marley. As many songs as children.

Elbot said...

Productive: ticking

Anonymous said...

I see writers are not listed in your update. Good call.

I am not productive. More anti-ductive

G said...

Because I am being so at work, I had no time to visit. Productivity is overrated.

Jamie Dawn said...

A PRODUCTIVE cough means that the cough is not dry. Hitonious stuff comes up when a cough is productive. Courtney has been sick, and her coughs are very productive. Poor baby.

Unknown said...

finding useful applications for useless things

fdadscds: father wants more

Anonymous said...



Kyahgirl said...

hey ariel, are you sure that's not 're-productive'? :-)

I like your definition Doug...I'm sure if our worms could get their heads out of the snow bank they'd look up and deem me to be very productive...so serious, so still (frozen in place) and somewhat silent.

Looking forward to your blogcation Doug? A chance to be productive eh?

Doug The Una said...

I agree, Terry. I could have spent all day trying to outdo it and fail.

Pia, I think it happened we got silicon hearts installed.

Tan Daisy, Duct Tape and WD-40 can make gene therapies.

Ariel, that's funny.

Elbot, like clockwork.

Jenn, writers are inductive.

G, only by supervisors.

Jamie Dawn, I'm sorry to hear. Pass on my wishes for a speedy recovery and an attentative mother.

Karma, like popsicle sticks.

Actonbell, productive clouds are the world's best scapegoats.

Sleep tight, Quill.

Kyah, I am, thanks. I'll think about cold worms a lot, I hope.

Minka said...

cold worms? Aren´t that shrimps?

productive,n. to whip out half an essay in teh course of a day. Oh, and to milk a cow.

Doug The Una said...

Yes, Minka. I think cold worms are shrimp. By your definition, I was pretty productive at Deep Springs College, except for the essay-writing.