Friday, February 01, 2008


REALLY, adv.  Apparently.

2008 Update:  Ironically.


Programming Note: Your curmudgeon is planning a blogcation the second half of this month to try to get started on a new story which we can do, again, together a la The Meditations of Diogenes, so Waking Ambrose will go off air on the thirteenth and should return, God willing and the creek don't rise, to celebrate its third birthday on February 28.


Anonymous said...

First :)

Anonymous said...

It's really real I was the same time I am late...wish I had been here yesterday to talk about Rabarbari...Rhubarb. I will anyway since I was Really first :) All Icelanders love it...any Icelander out there that contradicts me is not thinking about Rabarbara Sulta...when Minka came to visit me, I surprised her with it and she acted very happy.
Not only that I make the best Rhubarb pudding...with macaroons and not cherries...sherry the drink.

I was first really, really first...tralla la la.

Unknown said...

rally, mo'a? second :(

Unknown said...

that's 'really, mo'a'

rabbit rabbit, dawg. truly

Anonymous said...

Off the air? Really?? A holiday? Really??

And boy oh boy you were really late today.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit, rabbit?

Put an end to Sahrazade?

Anonymous said...

Really, Doug. Are you really going to take a vacation? I really don't think I can really live without you (don't tell O'Ceallaigh). I really don't know what I will do while you are gone. Really, after 14 days without your grumbling curmudgeon-y grounding, I really might give in to my really good side. You'd really be sorry if my "cynical" really dried up and all that was left of me was my really sweet, sunshine and smiles Pollyanna side. Really.

Jim said...

Really: I thought really always meant 'real certain.'
And 'really, really' meant really real certain.
Apparantly to me is 'looks like.'

"Really?": Means I'm not sure and am questioning you about that.
BTW, fifteen days is a long time to be gone. Two weeks should be entirely adequate. Or did you throw in a day of rest? God took one day off after one week's work, maybe you should be gone sixteen days so you can take two off?

Minka said...

really, n. against all odds

so when you get back after a vacation, will you like ... get back to blogging from your heart? Like on time and with comments and stuff. I could give you two weeks off for that :)

We could put up a game here meanwhile...can I have the keys to your blog? I'll get TLP to clean up afterwards, too! You think about it...

Anonymous said...


Jim's no. 3 stole my thought.

As in when the neighbor says a certain so-and-so is sure to be elected.


Or, in conversations overheard in the grocery:

woman (wearing jeans) exlaiming to another woman (wearing - I kid you not- a bright pink sweatshirt, bright pink sweatbottoms and bright pink fuzzy slippers): "I love what you are wearing!!"

me (thinking to self): Really?!?

2008 update, pt dos: incredulous doubtfulness

Anonymous said...

So uh Doug, your blog's going to be 3 on 2/28, like really?

Uh, really I should remember the date. I was really there, not physically but in the real virtual sense.

God willing and if the creek don't rise and all that I really should be in SC by then.

Really I will participate this time. Would I really say this if I didn't really mean it?

Really I could go on all day but really I have a life. Sort of really--construction has recommenced on my apartment and I really have to be here.

Hey some people think I'm really the queen of irony :) And others think I'm really just luney

Nessa said...

Nooooooo, tell me that's not really happening.

Rabbit, Rabbit.

broadcastellan said...

Time to watch a few old movies, perhaps? Looking forward to your return. Cheers, Harry

TLP said...

Really? how interesting...doooo tell us more!
Really though, you're serious?

If you close shop on the 13th, and take off for two entire, real weeks, I for one, will expect a really, really big show to follow. I mean really slack.

Kyahgirl said...

A blogcation? Good for you.

You are such sensitive individual Doug. You understand the depth of your readers' addiction to Waking Ambrose so give us a two week notice of an upcoming vacation. We are all on notice to go find some other blog crack. Thanks,

Have you designated a corner yet for those incapacitated by withdrawal?

Kyahgirl said...

oh, and Rabbit, Rabbit!

G said...

Rabbit, rabbit, really!

So let me get this straight - you're taking a vacation? That's crazy :)

Tom & Icy said...

oh, behave

Anonymous said...

REALLY, adv. Gone fishin'.

So if'n Quilly suddenly disappears, and I start hearin' 'bout trout streams bein' depleted up in the Pacific Northwest or somethin' ...

Jamie Dawn said...

Really: For reals

So we shall be Doug-less for a couple of weeks.
I suppose this is for reals.
It is for a good cause, so I shall not complain.

Doug The Una said...

Mo'a, you were really, really first and feel free to greet me the same way. I'm a big rhubarb fan.

Really and truly, Karma. Rabbit rabbit.

Jenn, feel free to dock my pay.

Ariel, I'm not sure, but I think at least put her on vacation. We don't want me to turn into a Mario Vargas Llosa character and I think some people would like to do readings again. Of course, we could also have others read Shahrazade stories if I could get a little further ahead with the writing than Saturday morning for a Saturday post.

Quilly, I'm trusting my brother, OC, to prevent that. I don't know if I could hear "I'm feeding Jesus" again.

Great suggestion, Jim. Totally.

Minka, the games were fun last time, right? Good call. No on the keys, though.

Saurkraut, incredulous doubtfulness? Really?

Pia, we've been on this road a long time, haven't we? It goes somewhere, right?

Nessa, Inshallah, it's happening. Thanks for your concern, though.

Sounds great, Harry. If I ever get to Wales, I'll know where to catch one.

TLP, as Minka noticed, the slack is already in effect. This is just to officialize it.

Rabbit rabbit, Kyah. You ready to come off blogcation?

Isn't it, G? I wonder if I should get a prescription.

Icy, bow wow.

Amoeba, those who have fished with me will assure you I am responsible for the depletion of no streams.

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit! What, a break? A blogcation? NO!

Oh. Yeah. I don't blame you.

Anonymous said...

Doug remember what happened on your last vacation? The little Penguin means well I am sure and TLP can probably be trusted to clean up...I just thought I would give you a heads up on what might happen...I feel safe telling you this as it is probably bed time in Iceland or a certain Penguin might be partying in Reykjavik center.
Something for you to mull over.

The Old Mule said...

conejo, congrejo. Doug, I just don't know about any blogcations. Did you consult the board?

Ok, ok, you earned it.

Minka said...

Nevermind, I'll find a window!

Anonymous said...

thinking it's about time you took a reallyreallyreally long vacation, in order to, um, do some reallyreallyreally fun... stuff.


we'll miss you. that said, i've been missing you off and on since October (damn that accident my son was in, anyway!) so what the hell, maybe we'll both be in better form by the time you get back.

you are coming back, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

yikes! i meant to say Rabbit, Rabbit while i was here... and then, in all this excitement, i forgot.


Doug The Una said...

AP3, please say a unitarian prayer to Serling above for me that I do not discover Facebook on my vacation.

Mo'a I remember. You guys had fun. I wish you fun.

Mule, the board passed the motion on consent. You didn't get your proxy?

Minka, I don't doubt that for one short second. You probably feel weird using a door, don't you?

Neva, I'm planning to come back refreshed and commenting.

javajazz said...

wow, and a hearty happy
anniversary the 3rd, Dog!
such a bright mind you have,
so creative,
you are a consumate artist,
and i dont even know what consumate
means or if i spelled it right...
it almost sounds like soup.
ps rabbit rabbit too, even.

javajazz said...

ha, Facebook...
i am shamefully addicted now.
i even have 1 or 2 adult friends there
who arent my son's friends, honest!
but i do not have 358 friends
like most people do...

Jim said...

Really, I misspelled apparently, really sorry.

Congrats on your three years.

Cooper said...


Almost certainly not.

Anonymous said...

Really: virtually, e.g., "I have really got this no apostrophe with possessive pronouns thing down now."

Seriously (the new really?) you will be missed.

mireille said...

Somehow, I will struggle on without you. But there will be a gaping void in my existence, not likely to be backfilled soon. It's like a development project that ran out of financing, a planet that got its status downgraded ... a, a ...*snif* Must. Go. On.


Kyahgirl said...

no my dear, its not going to happen. :-) You must just continue to lower your expectations.

Doug The Una said...

JJ, 1 or 2 is how you like it right? And thank you.

Jim, if Weirsdo didn't catch you I won't tell.

Cooper, I see you've met guys your age.

Weirsdo, if I ever explained the complex mnemonics I use on the possessive of the third person neuter you would be more sympathetic.

Mireille, how did you know I was looking for a strong emotional response?

Kyah, I'm digging as fast as I can.

Kyahgirl said...

I believe that Willie is quite good at can enlist his aid :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

I'm immensely enjoying the Sahrazade story but I will greet whatever new comes, I've never been bored on these blogs.

TLP said...

Sweetie, really slack is a sarcastic term used to describe a good move.

I'm sayin' you have to come back really good.

You young people can't really keep up, huh?

mireille said...

kyah, lolololol. xoxo oh, hi Doug. xoxo

Minka said...

Are you busy making plans for your vacation. You're not gone yet, Mister... it is 4 in the afternoon FBT and I am not amused.
Blogging is soemthing that should happen when you are busy making other plans!
Now get to it...

G said...

I have just the doctor for you!

Doug The Una said...

Funny, Kyah. OK, here, boy!

Thanks, Ariel. I'm glad to hear and in truth I am enjoying the Shahrazade stories as well, apart from making them.

TLP, we're a generation of sloths.

Howdy, Mireille.

Minka, I'm done with my hike, I'll go buy a new router and hopefully be up this afternoon Pacific Time. You'd be scarier if you learned the royal we.

G, did Louie finish Pharmacy school?

G said...

He's working on a correspondence course as we speak.