Thursday, August 21, 2008


GENTLEMAN, n.  A rare animal sufficiently described in the lines immediately [Tuesday's post] foregoing.

2008 Update:  A male of the species Homo demophagus with the presence of mind to distinguish company from a mob and a silken necktie to facilitate hanging.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what it takes for a person in the last inhabited time zone in the world to be first? It takes a stomachache that won't allow you to remain still, and the knowledge that you can sleep all day and your partner can't -- so I am on the couch dying and OC is blissfully asleep and unaware.

Oh, and that word you've posted for today is a description of delusion brought on by peer pressure and socialization, Jack

Unknown said...

a guy who opens doors for you. not to be confused with a doorman

grhnmlb: great hamburger weighing a pound

Jim said...

Gentleman: An almost extinct species of the homo sapien sub-species, gentleman, which displays the characteristic of politeness.

Gentleman: I am reminded of the Southern Gentleman that most Southern Ladies desire.

Anonymous said...


1. One noble by birth. Commonly violent.

2. One noble by Swiss bank account. Commonly surly.

Anonymous said...

Gentleman: what people wish the proctologist to be, although most of us call him sir once he snaps on those latex gloves.


tsduff said...

Gentleman: A young man who refrained from handsy shenanigans on the first horseback ride together. I know one.

TLP said...

Paul Lynde was recently released???? I didn't even know he was incarcerated.

You don't want to be a gentle man in prison. You can save that advice for the future. You never know.

Jamie Dawn said...

"Gentlemen, start your engines."
I guess Nascar drivers are gentlemen.

"God rest ye merry gentlemen; let nothing you dismay..."
I guess all men who hear the tidings of comfort and joy at Christmastime are gentlemen, unless they forget to buy gifts.

It's good to visit here again!

I suppose I'd have to put you in the gentlemen category. Even a curmudgeon can be a gentleman.

I hope your mother's b-day was a goodie! I'm sure she enjoyed your visit.

Oh, and yes I DID have an In N Out double double, animal style before leaving CA.

I'll catch up on the weekend cantos this weekend.

Anonymous said...

-deletes her comment as she remembered this is a PG-ish place and she won't say anything about gentlemen and, uhm, non-gentlemen inside and outside the bedroom...but she's thinking it-

Cooper said...

If judged by blog company, your status would show you to be a player among the most noble, and worth of a coat of blog arms. ;)

If by nothing but virtues I'm sure you qualify.

Unknown said...

i've been trying in vain to find one, but they prefer blondes :(

udkxr: cross the udder

Doug The Una said...

An extraordinary effort, Madame Quill.

Haha, Karma. Just like a lady to put conditions. And not tip.

Jim, don't let Mrs. Jim fool you. They want a guy in a Mustang.

Amoeba, I get my surly at the thrift store.

Sauerkraut, way to remind me I'm 40.

Terry, the first horseride? A lady sure has low standards these days, bless every last one.

TLP, I may have that tattooed on just in case.

Welcome home, JD. And by home I mean here.

Jenn, this is one of my favorite things about you- you didn't delete a comment you just apologized for one. You're like Walt Disney in Flaubert's moustache.

Cooper, you are too kind, Madamoiselle. It's easy to be virtuous when you live in a warren of tubes.

Actonbell, there's an innuendo to today's word that my picture cannot connote.

Not anymore, Karma, Desis are gentleman kryptonite, nowadays. Gentlemen and Italians, I've noticed.

Anonymous said...

Your gentleman sounds genteel in the Biercean sense, Doug.