Thursday, August 07, 2008


MACHINATION, n.  The method employed by one's opponents in baffling one's open and honorable efforts to do the right thing.
 So plain the advantages of machination
It constitutes a moral obligation,
And honest wolves who think upon't with loathing
Feel bound to don the sheep's deceptive clothing.
So prospers still the diplomatic art,
And Satan bows, with hand upon his heart.
2008 Update:  A little boy with tears in his eyes, a pout on his lips and ice cream on his mind, as staged by his uncle.


Minka said...
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Minka said...

machination, n. the moment you decide to eliminate the element of surprise by relying on an integral cog to stir the network of your fabricated dreams

Anonymous said...

Machination: Some governments rely on it.
Hello Minka there you are...long time no see.

Anonymous said...

machination: A nation of big humping SUV drivers traveling at the speed of sound.

Anonymous said...

Great image in opposition to Bierce's abstraction, RBUD.

Anonymous said...

Machine Nation? The U.S., yes?

Oh -- as to your update: if it's about finagling ice cream, don't be surprised to see OC standing beside the kid with his own empty bowl and puppy dog eyes.

Anonymous said...

MACHINATION, n. Ruled, of course, by a Governator.

Anonymous said...

Poobah ... and that, according to some folks, is thanks to the machinations of the auto industry, which conspired to strip We the People of its urban public transportation network.

Quilly? TMI!

TLP said...

Sinister-sounding word. I've never, ever had occasion to use it.

Tom & Icy said...

Ain't that a dance or something?

Minka said...

Hi Moa, I's love to be around way more...if certain computers would just let go of their adolescence phase!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, in our dreams our machines have extra cogs and our chess sets numberless pawns. Nice to see a penguin in the first position with poetry where a dead fish should be.

Some governments, Mo'a?

Trying to outrage their own gas price complaints, Poobah?

Thanks, Weirsdo. I maybe should have specified "rogue uncle."

Quilly, I wouldn't be surprised. It's the puppy dog eyes.

Amoeba, we seem to be seeing The Fall of The Machines.

Of course not, TLP.

Minka, didn't certain people say they were about to buy a new computer? What's the blockage?

Actonbell, that's a story you're probably better off not knowing.

Folks, I'm at my sister's without Internet access. Today's post may be all kinds of late.

Cooper said...

Whatever it is it sounds exhausting, and in need of oil.

tsduff said...

Machinations: truly one of my favorite words... although I think nobody I know uses it. The machinations of the crows bird brain are random and unpredictable.