Friday, August 08, 2008


MENDACIOUS, adj. Addicted to rhetoric.

2008 Update: Prolix.

Happy birthday, Mama


Anonymous said...

MENDACIOUS, adj. An aggressive, obnoxious repairman with no visible track record. See CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. See also MEET THE NEW BOSS / SAME AS THE OLD BOSS, Pete.

Anonymous said...

mendacious. all those blessed political ads of yore and yinzers.

btw - of course he's not got a track record... he's a baller. just don't stop... thinking about tomorrow, don't stop... it will soon be he ear... it will be here, better than before, gw's soon to be gone, soon to be gone.

oh drats on me prolixity.

word veri: kyglib. like wth?

Jim said...

Mendacious: I'm not mendacious for sure. Some will debate this when I tell them that I don't believe it is a sin to tell a lie if it isn't malicious in intent.

Mendacious: For sure I'm not mendacious when I tell you I did not know what this word meant five minutes ago.

Mendacious: No one knew what this word meant in 1615 as it wasn't invented until 1616 (

Anonymous said...

Surely, at least once in his career, Bierce must have thought about using the phrase "mendacious mendicant". Particularly, perhaps, "mendacious mendicant priest" ("black friars in this world, fried black in the next").

This, of course, would, today, have left Bierce open to a charge of "blaming the victim". Which would have gotten a charge out of Bierce. And I don't mean MasterCard. Wilkinson Sword, maybe.

Cooper said...

mendacious: Any women in Southern Cali saying "these breasts are real".

Anonymous said...

MEN male of the humanoid species

DAY 24 hour period of time

CIOUS prefix indicating a behavior


almost any story a man tells his mate, especially those that include an explanation of why he is late returning home

Tom & Icy said...

That word isn't worth learning to spell, I mean, it isn't used in any song, book or movie titles. That's the real test of a word, you know.
You could say, "the mendacious politician," but that would be redundant, like two words that mean the same thing, you know, like the opposite of a oxymoron. Like that.

Minka said...

mendacious, adj. colourful

and cooper: I have been in Southern California!

A wonderful happy birthday to Doug's Mama!

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, must not be a tv repairman you refer to. No one would hire a tv repairman with those qualifications.

Sauerkraut, that was medium prolix by your standards at best.

Jim, it is not ours to judge. It's our to justify.

Amoeba, I can remember at least one use of "itinerant fraud" which is a less alliterative synonym. Charges of blaming the victim are made by victims in prosperity.

Poobah, if it were a noun, that is the noun ti would be.

Cooper, I remember coming to California to visit my brother before I moved. I got a little lost and called him from a payphone at a busy intersection for directions and while we were talking and I Iwas watching people go back and forth I asked him if he'd ever noticed how many women in LA had implants. The answer was "Doug, they all do."

Suffix, Quilly. See? Can't trust a woman.

But, Tom, it rhymes with audacious. So that's something.

Minka, that was a test, right?

Y'all I remain internet-challenged. Today's post will have to wait until I have some time at my mom's house later tonight.

Unknown said...

fond and verrry happy birthday wishes to you mama!


fhzbcpd: fishy business before the cat peed

Ariel the Thief said...

Very Happy Birthday, Doug's mama!

javajazz said...

Happy Birthday Mama of Doug...
you happen to share the exact
same birthday as Poopy...xo

Anonymous said...

I think the first syllable is suggestive. I bet Elizabeth Edwards would agree.

Doug The Una said...

Thank you Karma, Ariel and JJ. I will pass the wishes along.

Weirsdo, I have no doubt you're right about that, and with her dying breath.