Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday, you say?

I think maybe we'll just say Saturday stories go up in the afternoon until the election, huh?  Hey, A-Bell!  Where you gettin' your coffee these days?  Can they hook me up?


Jim said...

Doug, you have been doing really fine, super, on all these Saturdays. You deserve a break.
Me? I have Sunday's post ready, no Saturday post hardly ever for me.

Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING...believe this could count as a complete saturday post...should You declare it so...Peace and Prosperity about those red shoes :-)

Tom & Icy said...

The Devil can wait. They were crossing the Styx, weren't they? I mean, wasn't it a debate in a sinking boat. Sounds almost contemporary. Or something like that.

TLP said...


I'll just think of it as your practice for retirement. Go ahead and set low personal standards and then consistently fail to achieve them. See if I get my old-lady undies in a bunch. (Get that ugly picture outta your mind. HA!)

Anonymous said...

You could skip posting and come help us move. I have Kalua Pork slow roasting in the crock pot. If you hitch a flight now, you just might make it in time for dinner.

Doug The Una said...

Making coffee, Actonbell?

Thanks, Jim. You are wiser than I.

Hey, Bear. Thanks for your, well, forbearance.

Almost contemporary, Icy. Thanks for the reminder.

TLP, that isn't retirement, that's work.

On my way, Quilly.

Reporting for duty, Ariel. Here am I. Send me.

Anonymous said...

I can hook you up, man! Why go anywhere else????
Vote Flowering Kudzu, Vice Prez!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Comes with coffee?

Anonymous said...

Dont you think you are making too many excuses of late doug? Me thinks you need to sleep more and stop being so crabby without coffee?